Good evening everyone! Did you get a chance to see the lunar eclipse/super moon the other night? Although it was clouded over where I live, I’ve really enjoyed all of the photos on Facebook. Something else I’ve enjoyed…gallery hopping for today’s standouts! I hope you’ll enjoy the variety and all the creativity by the talented artists I came across.

First up tonight is this incredible page by our own Marianne. I’m a huge fan of her graphic style and her photo edits. Sparkle by margje  just grabs your eye with the image and all of the brush work being it. Love the stack of shoes and the butterfly! Everything on this page sparkles! And did you see the diamond? Perfection!


Unstoppable by roxana is a super creative art journal page! I love the blended image of the boy and all of the colors and textures! The quote and also the title really seem to speak to him directly. The butterfly images floating across the page are wonderful. The stitched scallops and partial button at the top add interest to the page as well. Great standout!


Art Journal Challenge-Simple Pleasures by myssp  is absolutely charming! It totally makes my happy just looking at it. Of course, images of shopping always make for some fun. The bold black and white striped background really pops with the greens and pinks she used. The brush work and the lovely edger in the top right corner are beautiful accents. The cropped photo in the bottom corner is a great repetitive element. I also love the vertical placement of the title. Brilliant page!


Autumn-The Crazy Painter by Pantherka This is one gorgeous page! The photo of this little girl is captivating and I love how the artist used it in two different ways. The cluster of autumn elements in front of the framed photo is just amazing and has such a warm and rustic appeal. Heart warming standout!


Do Not Speak! by beszteri  is most intriguing! First of all, the image is a very powerful one and those eyes….piercing! The single black leaf is very effectively placed and the shadow work is amazing. Great grungy textures and brush work throughout this piece really make this a standout! Gorgeous page!


Whisper of the Wind by Caroline Scrap  is simply gorgeous! The vertical cluster stretching from the bottom of the page to the top really pops out of the gallery. It’s rich with so much to look at-flowers, a clock, a butterflies, a blue bird, etc. I like how all of the colors lead the eye right to the sweet black and white photo in the center of the page. The word art is one simple word, used very effectively multiple times. Beautiful standout!


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