Hello and good evening (or morning or afternoon depending on where you are in the world)! Margje here bringing you today’s standouts. It has been a busy time for me! I had family members in the hospital, and my father in law had a surgery on his heart past week! Fortunately all went well! And he is slowly recovering! For now I’m back on track spending some time in the galleries, roaming for some awesome pages to show you! Here they are:

Speak Of Your Joy Often by EllenT

This is such a cheerful page! All the colors of the stamps and brushes and elements make me happy! What a beautiful layering and design! She created a kind of depth so gorgeous! Really LOVE the composition here! The color palette is absolutely fantastic!


Reach for the Stars by 4noisyboys

It all begins with that beautiful black and white photo (love the expression on the face) I love the contrast with all the beautiful colors! Her layering is awesome, and I love the spray paint on the bottom! The stars on top lead your eyes right on to it! Beautiful work!!!!


Early Morning by bcgal00

First I was attracted by the deep green color, but after looking it was the mood and the emotion of the page that grabbed me! I love it when a page can bring me there! There in that early morning moment walking in the foggy freshness, I can almost smell it! You see it is not always just the beauty of a page (Not that this page isn’t beautiful!) but you know what I mean! It is beautiful because it can take me there!!!


Milford Sound by janedee

What I love about this page is the beautiful masking work! It really accentuates those mountains and bringing out the best of the photo! Great colors and wonderful textures and great use of elements and brushes are making it a standout for me!


2015: Not Perfect [but wonderful!] by MrsPeel

What a beautiful page this is! I know the story behind it and it warms my heart! I love the photo’s and her beautiful composition and layering! The circles give a sense of belonging and engagement and that’s what it’s all about! Beautiful and heartwarming page!


I AMsterdam by Femke

What a beautiful grungy urban page! I love the contrast with the black and white and the red colors! Amsterdam is the city where I was born so it’s special to me, but I so like her style! I can look at this for hours!


Well, Standout friends, that’s it for me for today! Hope you like my choices! Wish you a great week and see you next time! Happy scrapping!

10 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – September 6th

  1. ohhh gosh!!!!!!! Thank YOU so so so MUCH!!!!!!!!!!
    what an honor to be picked with all these amazing ladies here….plus being picked by YOU is an honor in it’s own right!!!!!!!! thanks so much!!!!!! another birthday pressie!!!!!! thanks from my heart, Congrats ladies!!!!!!!! amazing pages!!!!!!!

  2. It’s a pleasure to be chosen amongst these other amazing pages! I’m glad my page pulled you in like that. Awesome pages, ladies!

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