Hello everyone! It’s Vicky here today with my 6 Gallery Standout picks! It was great to be able to indulge myself with looking through the galleries today! My little man went back to school last Thursday, I miss him like crazy, but its nice to get back into routine, especially seeing as I have to ensure I pace myself to avoid a flare up of my chronic illnesses.(which I wasn’t very successful at during the holidays! Oh dear!) I’m feeling a lot better than I did though, and having a quite morning, and lunch with friends today, sure helped me relax and smile a lot! Back to the task at hand now though, I hope you love these pages as much as I do, so here goes…….


Drop In by Katydid



This popped in the gallery for me, I love how the photo is split over 2 photo prints, the splash of colour coming from the paint also caught my eye! I really *heart* the overall composition of the layout too! How cool is the subject matter as well and  what a brave girl! Love the date placement and journaling here too xx


Ready for school by Margje


WOW!! Can I say that again? I’m going to anyway…..”WOW”

The edit to this photograph is super fun and super awesome! I Love the out of bounds work here too and I really like the shadows in the edited photo! Such a artsy, original, fun and imaginative page! I also *heart* the notebook paper background with ink splotches and the bold title work xx


berry cute by karbolik


This really captured my attention in the gallery, the dark background with the stamping, brush work and texture to the page is fabulous! The almost chalk like quotes are a great touch too. I love the clustering and layering in the corner and I seriously *heart* the super cute photo! xx


i love this by KayTeaPea


At first the bold colours, sharp angles, stripes and stitching caught my eye in the gallery. Then when I read the journaling and took a closer look at the photos, I really fell in love with this page! How adorable, and what a wonderful memory keeping page this is! xx


Office Manager by Kacy


Who can resist a cute kitty cat page right?! I *heart* the paper stacking and cute sticker elements here, and also the cute and funny story behind the photo! The doodles and title work are a fab addition to the page, along with the kitty cats new glasses! xx


Week 35 Left & Week 35 Right by SirScrapalot

Now I’m not one for usually posting both sides to a Project Life Style page, I usually pick my favourite and link you to its counterpart, but today I couldn’t choose a fav from the 2, so you are getting both sides LOL xx





First of all, the galleries are FULL of back to school pages, but this one has a twist! There is no picture of a child in front of the door/fireplace etc. getting ready to head off to school for the first time, or heading into a new year group, maybe even heading off to college. This is a back to school page from the other side of the coin! Preparing the school and classrooms ready  for the arrival of the teachers and students! How cool!

I *heart* the painted title words here and the use of bold colours, The different angles and crops to the photos themselves is fab too! The little added details like the pencil and books, along with the word strips was the perfect touch to complete the page! xx


Well that’s all from me today, Thank you for stopping by the blog to see my picks! Please, if you have time, head on over to the galleries and leave some love for these wonderful scrapbookers, memory keepers and artists!! xx Thank you xx


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