Hi there! It’s my  turn again to show you the pages I had a crush on today. Too hot again to go outside anyway so better stay in front of the computer and be amazed by beautiful designs, right? Hope you enjoy too!

Outdoor by MiekSter – I looooove the big page mask used with the patterned paper and the whole design against the wood pattern. Beautiful brush work behind the photo and cool title and bits to “frame” this picture. The crisp photos pops really nice with the overall soft and delicate colors of the page. Love it!


Downtown by ValeJules – Vale is one of the artists that makes this statement always true : “less is better”. Looks at this gorgeous design. I know it’s the first time I mentioned her pages here but what do you expect?! They are all noticable and gorgeous so they tend to be in the spotlight often lol!! I love the fading and sketchy effect and on the photo and the stitches that follow along the bridge rampage (is that the word?). Stunning job!


Awesome Dad by justjen – I looove the composition here with the big photo and the repeat at the bottom to accent the main “actor” in this page. Love how one is fading and the flow that make the elements and title. Great design for a sweet picture.

Summer Days by Nikki Epperson – Amazing cluster!!! I want her brain!!! Look at the color balance here. I love the B&W photos with those colorful flowers and the wooden background! The tiny butterflies and the confettis are a wonderful accent in the back and the shadows, oh my! Can’t take my eyes of the page. Simply YUMMILICIOUS to the eyes!!


Fierce by Scrapsandsass – Another fantastic layering here too. Love all those patterned paper pieces and the crop on the photo. Can you see how well all goes together color wise, all matches the pink of her shirt, the black of her hair and the blue eyes with the aqua dots in the patterns. The paint splatters and that long stitch are the cherry on top. Wonderful!


Just Keep Swimming by theolivesparrow – And let’s finish this post today with this super fun and colorful design. Man! This girl has some crazy layering skills, or what?! I love the complex mix of papers and elements stacked behind the journal card. Awesome shadow work too of course. If not, this wouldn’t look so real and beautiful I think. Stunning job!


3 thoughts on “Finger Pointings – August 3rd

  1. Thank you so much. I’m embarrassed that I’m just seeing this today, but it totally made me so happy to be included with the lovely pages! 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot Nini. I went back yesterday from Spain and saw your message !!! I’m so honored to read what you write about my pages !!! thanks again and big hugs

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