Hello! Time flies pretty fast again lately. Here we go for a new round of beautiful pages. AT least, I hope you’ll find them as beautiful as I did. Enjoy!

April Showers by toniboy – Love the blues here and the fresh look of the page. Like a refreshing sparkling drink on a hot summer day 😉 I love the mix of brushes as I often do and the association with water drops and the sweet flowers. The tiny yellow touch is very sweet. Very artsy and very elegant and light.

Every day is a dream by Dady – Let’s go with green now. I love the effect she added to the photo and the fun title work with the Eiffel Tower in place of the A. Great blend of the map paper and the brushes. The whole goes so well with the photo “empty spots” like the sky in the top left corner and the river in the bottom right corner. Very clever art in my opinion.

Grow with love by weaselwatchr – First thing that made me stop here is of course the adorable cat. I would be a cat lady if I wasn’t allergic to any kind of furry friends. I had cats in the past but since I’m in Japan and because I started being allergic in high-school or so, I can’t have one at home and that makes me sad indeed. Next thing that made me click the thumbnail is obviously the gorgeous colors and cluster on this page. I love how this cutie fits so well in the style of the page because of the sketchy effect on the photo. So adorable and full of energy. Perfect for a kitty!

You are loved by mijo – Colors here again that made me want to click but above all the amazing flow and cluster on this page. I love how the color touches are well balanced and the design splitting the page but not exactly horizontal. I like that it has a slight angle to it. Very sweet.

June 2015 by Melrio – What made me wanna click on this page was the colors but also the journal size and design. Which, if you know the kind of page I do, is a little contradictory because I barely journal. I usually stick to only a title or place name, add a date and that’s it lol But I think here the beautiful font she used made me wanna know more. It’s as simple as that. And then when you read you just keep reading until you get to the end… Does that make me a stalker? Wanting to know what the story is all about? lol It’s a sad and happy story but the design and display of the photos is so fresh and beautiful you kinda end up with a nice feeling that there is something after tragedy and that life goes on. Am I thinking too much? :giggle: Wonderful page anyway.

Happy by AlinaLove – Let’s end this post by a rainbow of colors! Look at this fun and happy design, like the tittle say by the ways!! I love the B&W photo with this burst of colors. Amazing cluster skills too! The little beads and stars all over gives it a great movement and make you want to look every single spot on the page to see what’s hiding in there. Great design!

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