It’s that time of year again. I love the start of a new year. The time when we make our New Year’s resolutions, when everyone starts thinking about make lists and goals.
Each year I do a review of what I’ve learned, what I’veaccomplished, mistakes I’ve made, failures, etc…
There’s just something about it that forces me to take a few steps back and reflect on what has happened and what I’m going to do next.
I wish you many blessings and joy in 2016! Hope you have a wonderful fresh start to your year!
Here are my picks from the gallery today, I hope you enjoy them!

Go by wombat146

This is another scrapper and designer whose pages I could admire endlessly. What a pretty and awesome layout! look at this photo: It is so adorable and beautiful! Love the extraction and bleded effect and the color pallet is delicious! I LOVEgirly’s pages, and this one is no exception.


no fear by pam p

What a wonderful page, so elegant and sophisticated. The blending and masking are fantastic. What a beautiful memory to keep. Maybe she will become a concert pianist!


Amazing Mom Popcorn by anneofalamo

What a eyecatcher in the gallery ! I have long admired the talent of this scrapper!!! Just LOOOVE this page so much! ohhh yes!!!! The fun dialogues and word arts are the perfect touch. I can agree 100% : my eldest daughter still amazed me everyday! LOL


Snow Angel by Miki

What an adorable, sweet and darling layout! That photo is so cute! Love all godens here and I love all the different fonts she used for the title


Bingo 5 – tag by zinzilah

Just LOVE the effect! How she blended the Spiral Stair image with the background and add adornments around it!


2016 Cover by grandma lynnie

What a great idea for a page, writing down a “mantra”! Love the positive thinking that she used because it’s my actual daily thought! I love the neutral colors, textures, placement, title and design – the angle it is taken from.



3 thoughts on “Finger Pointing January 6th

  1. OH, this is just fantastic, thank you, thank you and may all the moms of the scrap world rejoice and know that we have POWERs…great Powers,
    but remember with great power, comes great responsibility~Uncle Ben(Peter Parker (aka Spiderman)’s uncle.

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