Happy Tuesday, everyone! It’s a big week for our digital scrapbooking community… DSD (Digital Scrapbook Day) is Saturday which means that all of your favorite designers will be releasing products just destined to make their way into your online shopping carts and then translated using your photos and stories onto gorgeous scrapbook pages next week. Well, it’s either that or we just love to shop and chat and play games with our digi friends šŸ˜‰

Back to Tuesday, let’s see what I found in the galleries tonight:

My Little Corner by helenedubois


This makes you feel like you could just step right out onto that patio and enjoy the view, doesn’t it? I love the subtle blending, how the photo spills out of the stitched frame, the echoes of orange in the overlays. There is only one word on the page but it sums it up just perfectly. Lovely!

July First River Trip by jencrook


Great mix of detail and big picture photos. I’m particularly partial to the feet photos, we do those in my family, too. I like how she echoed the sunburst paper with the directionality in the main photo. I also like the titlework and how it brings the eye across the page. Really cute layout!

Mollie’s First Meet by KayTeaPea


This page design works so perfectly with the subject matter. The extended rectangles make it feel big and tall like their outstretched arms. Great side to side flow as well as diagonal with the repeated dark blue and gold colors. It also feels really balanced with plenty of open space along with the visual weight of the story.

Warrior by Chloe


Sometimes a page where the journaling is not in your native language becomes even more intriguing, you guess and wonder trying to infer the story from the imagery they’ve created with the elements and photos. I love how the journaling and photo become softer when layered together and how that contrasts with the layout’s focus on strength. And the shadowing on those butterflies is divine!

Live Life In Full Bloom by immaculeah


Holy clustering, Batman! Yes, a thousand times, yes! I love how the page design feels like branches and blooms on a flowering tree. Beautiful color choices, a nice mixture of pastel with some deeper shades. I wanna grow up and cluster like this!

Sunshine by Tracermajig


I love that she scrapped a silly phone photo! How many of those do we take a day? But will we remember THIS day, THIS silly story?… not unless we do something to make ourselves remember. Her days won’t always be filled with mayhem and mischief, I’m glad she’s enjoying every minute of it. Pretty page design with the sub-titles making it feel very symmetrical. I love all the little layers both underneath and on top of the photo. This sunshine yellow really makes the page pop!

I hope you’ve been inspired tonight! With Digital Scrapbooking Day headed our way this weekend, the online galleries are sure to be filled to the brim with amazing pages so check back here for more picks!

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