Wow! Saturday is certainly an amazing day to look for Gallery Stand Outs! The galleries are just brimming with gorgeous layouts created with this week’s new releases at all the stores across digiland. You would think that designers and scrappers would be taking a break to get ready for next Saturday, National Scrapbook Day, but I saw no signs of that today.

Let’s get straight to the pretties, shall we?

The Girls by Laura/emmasmommy


The clustering looks effortless, tucked and piled, tilted and anchored. Of course, we that scrap know that element placement that looks like true scatter takes TONS of effort to decide on the exact spot for everything to get that perfection. The multiple layers of paint ground the page and the repetition of the hot pink and yellow makes the eye go from the edges of the page right back to the center. Just lovely!

My Routine by LBscraps

2016 04 11-21 my routine

Any page with this many words will always catch my eye and demand that I click on it to read the story. Turns out the story is about yet another whirlwind week of travel for her. Awesome page design with the stitched swirl to echo the busyness and activity she described. I love the mix of photos of modes of transportation and the weather screenshots supporting her words. AND an amazing job on the element shadowing here!

1 by Marijke


It’s a powerful image that grabs you and makes you want to know more… is she happy and dragging her best buddy outside to play or is she sad and headed for a little pout? Wherever she’s going, it looks like she’s with a treasured friend. Stunning masking, gorgeous use of the soft watercolor brushes with the neutral photo and background.

Ahoy by Conny


Yep, total cuteness aboard! Could these photos be more perfect if she tried? I love the perfectly placed details, the stitching to anchor the word strips, the greenery passing through the titlework, the sand and paint drips to repeat the red. Absolutely stunning!

Imperfect is Beauty by Jana_NJ


I adore everything about it. I love the mix of geometric and natural patterns both in her dress and in the background, the bold splashes of color on the black and white, the implied movement. It’s as if she’s walking through a noir film and it’s becoming colorized in her wake. So many little nuances to consider.

PL2015 Week 19 L & R by LRaeWoo


I appreciate the time and effort it takes to do a PL pocket spread each week, both in keeping track of all the little details so that they stay fresh and in the creation of the pages themselves. This is a nice mix of squares and rectangles, photos and stories. The borders at the top and bottom tie the pages together along with the limited color palette. The pops of red are an unexpected, but subtle touch. What a totally fun perspective and crop on the photos. Gorgeous shadowing and clustering, I keep clicking on them again and again to see even more things tucked here and there!

I hope you’ve found some inspiration in my picks tonight! Please visit the galleries and share a little love with your fellow scrappers.

See you soon!


4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – April 30th

  1. Wow, what a nice surprise!!!! I wasn’t sure of the layout as I was making it, but it definitely portrayed the craziness I was going for! Thank you so much, it’s nice to have such a great write up!

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