The pages in today’s picks include great text, terrific use of space, pops of color, and a nice mix of artistry. I loved all of these pages so much, and I know you will too.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

happy together by shank.heather

We are leading off today’s post with a paper page that made me smile! I love the bold use of stripes and pops of color. And if it were digital I’d say, great shadow work, but since it’s a real supply page, I’ll say great use of pop dots! Love the tone of the photo and the title work too. Those cute offset doodle text hearts are amazing, I need to try to replicate that digitally.


3/26/16 lift by connieg

You’ve got to admire a good scraplift! The vertical design of this is what caught my eye, but it’s really that special photo that makes this page so amazing. Love the colors and the popped out horizontal strips. Very effective way to tuck the paper in at the edges with the photo corners. Just a great design. And it may have started with a lift, but Connie’s interpretation was all hers. Great page.


Spring is Also a Moment by Heather T

I always love to see a designer create a page, it’s really insightful! This great page about Heather’s loved ones made great use of the photo as background, and the slant of the photo is a cool look. Doesn’t the leaf sprig at the top look like it’s springing out of the scene? Love the light illuminating the left side of the photo, like a sunbeam is touching the subjects. Lovely text too.


fearless by corrin

I will always and stop and read a good story, especially one that starts out with such great title work. I really enjoyed the perspective on the photo, with the word art tag leading us into the moment. That accent border work at the top is genius, and the tucked in orange flowers look gorgeous against the pretty blues in the background paper and the paper mats. There are some really wonderful touches on this page, like the terrifically-shadowed butterflies, doodled lines, and the strategically tucked in banners.


Journey to Sandia Peak by navaja77

I don’t recall ever seeing a page with a more interesting and effective design. By hugging the edges and leaving the middle empty, this artist forces the audience to really examine this piece, bit by bit. That aqua/orange color combination set against the kraft background is so appealing! The big, bold flowers and the offset photo angle all really contribute to making this page special. And, it’s got great text, describing her adventure. I like a good adventure story.


Savannah sparrow by marye

This is so gorgeous, isn’t it? I love the spring feel of this very artsy, expressive, beautiful nature piece. The top-focus of the page is very interesting to me as a design choice, and it worked like magic. Love the bird artwork combined with the masked and blended photo. The title work accented by stitching is perfect. Lovely.


I always enjoy looking through the galleries at the amazing artwork out there. If you like any or all of today’s picks, please click on the linked title and give the artist some much-deserved praise. Have a great week!

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