Hello everyone! Hope you are all well and enjoying the start of the weekend. Around here is summer, I have been busy these past few days chasing paper work, phone calls and trying to organize the incredible mess that is the place we live in at the moment, so coming over here to delight myself with some amazing beauty and creativity has worked as a proper treat! I have found tonight some awesome photography…there were many more pages apart from the ones I’ll share with you, but, as usual, I really hope you love these as much as I do!!!

August Monthly Project by Lucie Sindelkova2 : I am so amazed with this lady’s creations, her pocket pages are gorgeous, and her photography so impeccable, so full of beauty and the way she works her magic into the page… I am still trying to establish if her pockets are hybrid or digital, either way, they are amazing. I had never encountered any of her pages before, and it took me a while to decide which one I should share. Finally went for this awesome, full of light and elegance with the simple addition of the word art as tittle and the journaling…which completely gained my heart as the last sentence talks about the natives of Kerala calling their land God’s Own Country…. well, in Brazil we say “God is Brazilian” so I can imagine the beauty and dimension of nature she must have experienced! All translated in this awesome page!!!! She has other amazing pocket pages here if you would like to delight yourself even more!


Sunsetting Noosa by Amson is another master piece in photography and nature beauty, plus the delicate way in which she uses the stamps, word arts and just the precise amount of elements presented in such delicate way….another piece of God’s Own Country! (Only this time , on the other side of the world if I am not mistaken) Superb page all over!!!!!


Delighted still finding this awesome beauty, Love You Little Boy by Rae/bcgal00, whom I had not come across in quiet a while. As usual, she never dissapoints :  the photo is amazing and there is some serious and  gorgeous work all over the page oh I love this!!!! … the blending is seamless, the word arts in contrast with the almost muted tone of the photo, giving it a lift, and the delicate elements, perfect finishing touches with the border work…awesome!!!!!


Now, if you told me a few years ago that I would be completely taken, in love with a cow’s photo, I would have probably laughed, but coming across Stares like a Cow by Tape had me exactly there: completely taken and in love, this is so beautiful, so much perfection everywhere in the page, especially the awesome tittle work with shadows (again) done to perfection. Awesomeness all over!!!!


Still in the animal Kingdom, this next page, Our Oreo by Jenn Schultz also captures me from wherever I look at it!!!! The super sweet & cute photo paired with another amazing tittle work, love how it dominates the page but is still perfectly balanced with the patterned background, the second background paper with the tilt gives the whole thing movement, the extra cute overload with the cat, how every element is in harmony in the clusters and securing the page in place…and those shadows! have I mentioned the shadows? LOvE the page!!!

our oreo

Leaving the animal kingdom to venture into the female of our species, this page, My Year by Asali/ Aga makes my heart sing. Her compositions are always perfect, and this is no exception. love the cut out pieces, the gorgeous photos and the layering of the flowers branch combined with another marvelous tittle work, simple to keep on the line with the whole page…once again: perfection!


There are another couple of pages I could not not share: Homeroom by TRaumelfe, with an amazing angle for the photo, and the perfect way in which the page is scrapped to add dimension to it, the mixture of textures that blends it all together and the framing with those gorgeous stitches… what a beauty!


And last but never ever  EVER least,  Letting Go by JanaNJ... I think I am totally speechless with this page, not sure I can find words that can describe…but I saw it and just couldn’t take my eyes out of it…The whole thing is so powerful, and it can be going to the dark, difficult feelings or to those of liberation, celebration, joy… I’m also quiet sure she draws the dolls herself… and together with her work with the paints  and the scatter pieces… my heart sings with all strength in it!!!!


As usual, really hope you love these as much as I do, remember you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the high-lit name of the LO and author. Have an awesome weekend!



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