Hi Everyone! Jana here with today’s Gallery Standouts. It’s always a pleasure when it’s my turn on the blog. I get the luxury of visiting more galleries than I normally would in a day. As you know, it’s always a challenge to narrow down the picks to just six but I’ll do my best. Here are my picks for today. Enjoy and I hope you get inspired!

Summertime always seems to grace us with gorgeous flowers and gardens! Lovely Summer flowers by profolly is such a glorious example! I love the large blended focal photo, supported by 2 smaller close-up photos. The textured background is so beautiful and the purple paint splats are such a nice touch. The stitching and little flair, along with the title and small label, compliment and complete this page. I’ll be sad to see the flowers die off in a couple of months (here in the northern hemisphere), but that will give way to the splendor of autumn.


Shore Adventure by Applechick is fabulous! This artist is a master of skills and I’ve always admired her creativity. I love the frame blended in behind the top photo! It really draws the eye in. The photo in the lower right corner couldn’t be any cuter and the placement is perfect. Now, look at what all her layering encompasses. This layout is rich with textures, seamlessly blended in. The little beach elements and the darling title beads on a string add so much visual interest and are just perfect. Look closely to the word art “Shore.” It’s tucked in behind the beads. So awesome!


This next layout, Between the showers by Shannamay, is absolutely gorgeous! First of all, take a close look at her photo. Its a blend of clouds and a photo edited with the Prisma app. Very cool! I adore the spill over frames and the touches of gold. The background is layered with all kinds of layers and blending and is rich with colors and textures. It totally popped out of the gallery.


Ah, this next one is bound to bring a smile to your face! Ice Cream by cutiejo1 is a great example of a layout without any photos. It just screams (pun intended) fun and is perhaps a reminder that summer is coming to an end soon. But there’s still plenty of time to enjoy some ice cream! I love the drippy alpha and title…so cute! The horizontal placement of the ice cream treats works well because they are grouped together with a bright pink string. I also like the patterned papers and pastel colors. The pretty little flowers complete this page.


Here and Now by IntenseMagic is wild page loaded with eye candy! My granddaughter has been posting these silly animal face photos lately, so I know it must be a popular trend and lots of fun to play with. I think it’s from Snapchat, but I could be wrong. The colors are yummy together and the layers are truly amazing. There’s something to look at in every corner of this layout and I love the cluster going across the page as well. She has some great word art too! The stitched border really ties it all together beautifully.


Rounding out my picks for tonight is Loud!! Snooze Button? by JennV. Hilarious! That’s one gorgeous rooster and such a great shot! I love the mix of stripes and chevrons on the background papers and the colors really compliment each other. The bold title certainly illustrates “loud” and arrows and chevrons definitely point to the culprit. The frame and layers of loops and elements are perfect compliments. This is such a clever layout! Love it!


So there you are, today’s Gallery Standouts! Time to get back to preseason football and the Olympics. I provided the links for each individual artist. Feel free to click on the titles and take a closer look at these layouts. It’s always appreciated when people leave comments for them as well.Until next time, happy scrapping!

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  1. What a lovely surprise to wake up to this morning; thank you so much for the kind words and featuring my page Jana!

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