Hello everyone! Jeanine here for the second time this week. I hope you all have/had a nice Sunday! Let’s not talk long and right away see what I’ve found tonight!

Toot horn by n33 Wow, look at the colors here and at the picturetreatment! Didn’t is work out fine what n33 did? I totally love the colors, the delicacy and transparency of the page. The loops, the brushes and the splatters just give the nice extra to make the picture shine. Great job!

n33 tlp

Feel the rain by Beszteri I am not sure if the kids are really standing in the rain, but Eszter makes it look like it! Love the idea of heavy rain portayed by the messy brushes behind the cloud. Love also what she did with the picture, especially the darkened bottom part.

beszteri eszter sweetshoppe

Let yourself grow by Ga_L Ahhh, this is so sweet, a little child so very concentrated in what she or he is doing, not even noticing the picture is taken. Learning and growing just doing things children do. The position of the picture made me want to take a closer look. Love how the page is left pretty empty except some brushes in the top corner.

Ga_L dst

SSL Michael Phelps by the numbers by Delisak This is truly an amazing page! Could be an advertisement for Michael Phelps! Look at all the dates and facts about his career and efforts. I love it!! Need I say more about it? No, just look and read!

delisak desdigit

For the art challenge by rarou47 And here’s an amazing AJ page made by Sylvie! The quote she used is so true, dare and you will make art or do whatever you never believed you could achieve. You will succeed! I love everything about this page, the messy brushes, the houses, the stamps. Wonderful!

rarou47 tlp

Into the wilderness by nessita This is a funny page, besides that it is beautiful. The title suggest that there is a rough environement is drawing our attention whilest it is a very peaceful page. Great masking and I love the tranquile feel.

nessita oscraps

These were my picks for tonight! I hope you like them as much as I do! Have a nice week!

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  1. Congratulations to the incredibly talented ladies, and it’s a wonderful honor to be selected with them! Thank you, Jeanine, for making my day! 🙂

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