I hope everyone can forgive me for a little brevity tonight, my home closing was moved up a week and it’s a flurry of activity around here. The digi galleries have a lot of travel and back to school pages, have you noticed? We all seem to be remembering and scrapping about the fun we had this summer while looking forward to the schedules and the bit of normalcy that a new season brings. So let’s get to it, shall we?

The World Is Wide by shivani


I love the focal photo set on point like this, especially how it echoes the valley view of the coastline. I love the small patterned papers on the crisp white background mixed with additional photos and how she used the colors in the patterned paper to accentuate all the angles on the page.

Rain and Mushrooms by ArmyGrl


I like the little slivers of borders on the edge, they really make the white background POP! I love the doodled cloud in combination with the dimensional rain drops and storm clouds. The subject of the page is cute and whimsical, too!

Keep Right America by ouisiekelly


It has an almost urban feel to it with all of the doodle/sketchy marks. The paint splats, brushwork and blending definitely give off a graffiti type vibe. Very eye-catching!

Yes, I Am All Me by amandac


All about me pages are definitely some of my favorites. This one makes me think of her flying free among the stars. I love all the repeated circle shapes and how she’s used the white to make all of the journaling strips pop off the page.

Life is Beautiful by athenais


I love the centered photo on the dark mat and the asymmetric pastel cluster on one side. Gorgeous shadowing on all the little bits in the element grouping. Really pretty!

California Fire 2016 by wimpychompers


This page is just stunning! Photo-less layouts always make you work a little harder to get the whole story.  The ombre fire colored paper hints at the story. I love the mix of patterns, the warm colors and the blue shades echoed from the title, the wood paper. I love the breadth of the page, the template choice allows for a longer story but the width of it symbolizes the importance to me.

I hope you enjoyed my picks for tonight. As always, if you’re visiting the galleries for a closer look, leave the scrapper a little love!



2 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – August 22nd

  1. Ha, Ha! I love GSO Blog and visit it often for inspiration. As I was scrolling through the pages, I was like “hey, thats mine!” Lol. Silly me, didn’t realize I was featured. THANK YOU Stacia for picking one of mine. It is truly an honor to be amongst such great artists and layouts.

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