Hello, it’s a mid-week post for me this week! Today’s post is about fun, and humor, and interesting photo treatments, and big, big photos, and creative ideas!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Hannibal by jackieclayton

Well, she had me with the photos on this one, and then I read the text! Anyone who has ever had a special pet will enjoy reading this one. Love the angles, shadow work and colors. It all totally worked to make a very special page!


tiny little notebook by Monia Jot

I really love a beautifully crafted hybrid project! Those flowers and the delicate doily and ribbon turned a regular little notebook into art! Wow! It’s so beautiful, I could see this being used by bridesmaids planning a wedding shower, or for keeping notes about floral exhibits at a garden show. Lovely.


Natural high by terryb

I loved the simplicity of this one. Beautiful photo, beautiful memory shared. Love the word art and font for the title. The pop of the little bough and the wooden elements really worked as simple adornment, and the squiggly line led us right back into the photo. Sometimes less is more. Loved it.


Milo by marlathrall

Can’t you just see mom hiding in the tall grass aiming her giant DSLR at this adorable child, trying hard to be inconspicuous and quiet so she doesn’t disturb the real-ness of the moment?! I loved the feeling she created here by getting down to his level. Enjoyed the text, enjoyed the title font, enjoyed the big, big photo, enjoyed the cute baby with his daddy, and enjoyed the little elements painting the edges of both the page and the grass. Enjoyed it!


Quintessential me by Dunia

Dunia has a great flair for combining white space and whimsy. I love the way she zoomed in on each photo a little more, and added doodly bits to the bottom photos. The double framing of the bottom left photo is a cool design feature. I think we should all lift this one!


Me ‘n’ Captain Jack by Squeak

Shirley is one of my favorite story-tellers! Anyone who has ever had a fan-girl crush (raising my hand!) will enjoy hearing about her encounter with the object of her crush. I cannot believe she got not only one, but two selfies, including the hilarious duck-face selfie! I like the addition of the ephemera and side photos to the template, and the very fun photo overlays. Really fun and wonderful page!


I hope these picks made you smile! If you loved them as much as I did, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some much-deserved praise! Have a great rest of the week! Can you believe tomorrow is September?!

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