Good Monday morning to everyone! We are officially less than two weeks from Christmas and deep into holiday and winter scrapping if my stroll through the digi galleries this morning was any indication. It’s fun to see all the everyday little moments along with holiday preparations being shared with your “December documentation” pages all over digi-land. It makes me want to decorate some more or maybe just scrapbook a bit! Let’s see what I found to share with you this morning:

Be Merry Be Bright by TrishD

Very fun! The photo background really makes the ornament come alive! I love the added glitz of the bokeh, the gold and the sparkles and the softness from the brushwork on the mask. The ombre backdrop gives it an almost surreal feel, like you’re looking into a crystal ball. Nicely done!

Winter Surprise by mocamom

Classically beautiful! I really like the minimal rustic elements on the sea of white snow, capturing the serene theme of the page. Nice mix of blended photos with the small framed ones. Pretty shadowing, too!

Meaghan @20 by KarenW

Awesome photo! Great diagonal page flow, LOVE the black & white on black, LOVE how the mask almost creates a peek-a-boo cutout, LOVE the paint and glitter, LOVE the effect on the candles. Very eye-catching!

Time After Time by Wombat146

Everywhere the eye goes, there is something fun to see. I like the white background to bring the focus to her face, the multiple (kind of industrial yet kind of steampunk) brushes and stamps, that soft blush pink running its way down the page. I can almost feel the story coming through.

Webkinz by Ozegirl

Fun photo effect! It’s hard to know where the background below and the elements above start and end. She’s achieved a stunning level of depth on this page, you feel as if you’re peeking deep within the scene. Gorgeous pops of red and yellow, not a bit of space wasted. Really pretty!

Give Thanks by ChristyHC

I adore the horizontal stripes here used in conjunction with the wide band page design. The stacked and layered photos with all the little bits tucked above and below draws your eye in to see every tiny detail and the vertical cut-outs bring it right back to rest on the larger focal photo. Beautiful page!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks today. If you’re out and about in the digital galleries yourself later, spread a little cheer and let a fellow scrapper or two know that you appreciate their work and sharing their memories.


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  1. Always exciting and an honor to have a layout featured here, thanks Stacia. What a great ending to my day downunder! 🙂

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