Hi everyone! Jeanine here with a late and short Saturday post. I couldn’t get acces to a couple of galleries tonight. Don’t know what is going on in digiland. DST’s gallery doesn’t show any pages for weeks now, and tonight I couldn’t acces the Oscraps and Sweetshoppe galleries…. so I didn’t find that many pages tonight. I am sorry, but I hope you love the pages I did manage to pick!

Christmastime by DALE Oh, this is such a beauty! Could be an illustration in a book or a CD cover.  Love how the clocks shine through very subtile behind the lady and love those deers on the background. Wonderful page!

Good Cheer by Debi, posted for her by earlofoxford This is so funny, Debi is feeling rebellious drinking at 03.28. Well drinking at any time is okay, as long as you won’t drink early in the morning when just out of your bed, drink too much or during working hours right? Cheers to you Debi! Enjoy your GSO! 😉

Gang by twinsmomflor A lovely artsy page I think! Love all the brushed parts surrounding the picture, love the happy jump the girls make and sure love the combination of colours here. They work very well together!

2016 in Review by kristallund A great reviewpage of half a year, you should check out the left page also! Using black and white for the pictures let them shine and brings unity in the page. The frames with the minths in them are gorgeous!


Well, sorry again guys & dolls for the few pages I picked. I hope the galleries will be accessable soon!

One thought on “Finger Pointing – December 17th

  1. Thank you so much for the GSO today! I’m actually in Scotland with my daughter and checked in today for the first time since I arrived… just in time to see this! And yes, we’ve shared a few other 3:30 beers! 😉

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