It’s interesting to me that every day is marked to celebrate something. I’m not certain how this originated but today is National Peppermint Patty Day. So whether or not you observe this particular holiday, I’d like to start out by featuring some sweet treat or otherwise food or drink related layouts.

Have a Cupcake by Cinna This could possibly be the truest saying I have seen today while browsing the galleries. The stack of stamp-framed cupcakes backed by brushwork and elements makes for a lovely design. The gold metallic banner and silver metallic in the background paper really make this layout shine.


Love, Laughter, Coffee by faerywings I believe a lot of households run on coffee. Ours certainly does. The orange mugs really pop in the masked photo and the addition of scribbles and flower scatters make this a true standout.


Cute by Krysty I don’t speak Spanish but my research indicates these words may mean soft, petite or something along those lines. The photo treatment works so well with the soft elements. The cutout heart background and tiny ink spatters are much easier to achieve digitally I imagine so I find these additions impressive.


Escape With Me/Anna Lift by helenedubois  You might think this is a bit of a stretch but grapes are food after all and I wanted to include this one. The large blended photo topped by the smaller framed photos is such a pleasing design. The text border, paint spatters and gesso, as well as the butterfly in flight contribute to the overall feel of the “escape” theme.


Eat Sweets (Color Challenge) by KimR+ There’s always room for a tribute to the iconic Hershey’s Kiss. The photo is superb and the paints, scribbles and bits surrounding it in no way distract. She has created an all around beautiful design with this layout.


You Love Whole Foods by Meghannandrew I suppose my final pick sums it all up because you can find just about any food to love at Whole Foods. Such a cute photo and her horizontal design is fantastic. She combined many different types of elements to create her very effective title and the script across the bottom is the perfect touch.


I hope you have enjoyed my picks for today and that you leave inspired rather than hungry. Please take a minute to leave these artists some love if you have a chance and thanks!


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