Hello!!!Paula here my friends!!!!
Here are my picks from the gallery today, I hope you enjoy them!

Family Trait? by scrap-genie

I just love a great heritage page! Wonderful composition and priceless photo. Everything about this page is masterful!


Sweet details by Shivani

What a great page design here! This layout stood out for me because of the softness in colors, textures, brightness and fun. I love her creativity! Every new page is a delight and this one is no exception!


Where by MissK

The title and quote grabbed right away from the gallery! I love how the photo is blended in the background. Everything is just perfect on this page even beeing a template, the photo – gorgeous scenery, the quote, the alpha behind it, the background and neuttal colors! I can look at it for a long time! Just adore it!


catch a glimpse by mum2gnt

This page is WOW! Just love Suzie’s pages and her cute dog!!! Such a sweet face. Fantastic to see how she made thi stunning page!!! I love the blending a


Just Keep Swimming by Songbirdy

Love everything this girl makes! The layout really draws the eye to thewhale’s tail! Such a brilliant, creative page! Love how Beth figured out to pass her message using the see elements. Perfect once again!


This Photo Makes Me SICK by chickypow

Couldn’t pass this one…The page drew my attention right away.Couldn’t pass this one! First I thought that it was an Hollywood star pic but after I read the journaling and OMG…It’s about her…Coul be about me!!! I love her honest journaling and I can relate with her! But thanks God I left behind this situation 19 years ago and my current marriage is perfect (well almost!LOL). Finally she is coming out of this nightmare.She will  find the way to feel allright again beeing strong. Now I not only admire her as a fantastic scrapper but also for her courage!




5 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – February 17 th

  1. Thank you so much Paula for your wonderful kind words! That was very much a life journal piece for me. At times it can feel like the problems we are dealing with are drowning us. All we can do is keep swimming – no matter how strong the current we are swimming against – we keep going 🙂 I am truly honored that you selected my piece and to find here among such wonderful works. Biggest hugs to you xoxoxoxox

  2. Thank you Paula so much you are so very sweet! I am honoured to be amongst such awesome artists. My dog does make such beautiful pages LOL! Thank you xxxxx

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