Hi Everyone! It’s Kat here and I’m back to share a few of my favorites from the galleries in digiland.  I’ve spent a few hours this morning jumping from one site to another, looking at details, reading journaling.  There are certainly some talented scrappers out there!  Let’s get started with today’s picks, shall we?

How about starting off with this a seemingly minimalist page that conveys a lot of fun and movement?!  The layering of brushes, paint swirls, stitching … and more on ValeJule’s page, Enroute, makes me want to hop on the back of that scooter, too!  Now, I say it seems minimalist because there’s quite a bit of white space and there’s an absence of what you might traditionally see in dimensional elements.  However, there’s a lot of work here with the careful layering and placement of the brushes and such.  There’s no road or path, no scenery, and yet, who else thinks that these two ladies are having a blast going down a hill?!


AngieKey’s page, That’s My Girl is all about a proud moment a father experienced when his daughter was able to match him, wit for wit.  It’s a great example of why it pays to spend some time in the galleries and read the stories being shared.  The photos evoke the mood of moment – one of happiness, laughter, and a great family moment.  I love seeing a scrapper’s sense of humor transfer to their digital pages.


Another page that seriously had me laughing out loud – and cringing a bit, too – is Barbara’s Real Men Don’t Count The Wind Chill Factor. Love how the little weather details from the InstaWeather app. illustrate just how cold it was, and yet, Barbara’s son is wearing shorts. Shorts?! When it feels like 18 below?  Bbbbrrrrr!


All the little details of Sweeet’s page, Grandma, just drew me in here.  Fabulous layering and shadows, and clusters of mini elements. Everything’s so teeny and delicate. A single wordart quote is all that’s needed here to go with the photo of the little one on Grandma’s lap. Great choice of keeping the photo in black and white, too.


I love photo-less pages and those that go into the art journal realm, and Thimbleberrie’s Sassy just spoke to me. There’s a fun element to this (love the addition of the crown!), but it also hints at a strong woman – at least that’s my definition of opinionated (LOL!). I would love this printed and framed and hanging on a wall in my creative space.


Rounding out today’s picks, I have XOXO from Scrappingram.  A fun, bright color palette (love black and white with a pop of color – and that pink just rocks!). There’s a lot of layering here, from the papers to the element clusters.  I also like the almost grid-like design that’s changed up just a bit to stop it from feeling too linear. While I’m sure the dance was a lot of fun, I think the girls might have enjoyed the process of getting ready even more, from picking out dresses, getting their hair done, manicures and pedicures.


Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my picks for today as much I enjoyed finding them – and there’s so many pages that could have easily made the list, too (you all make this harder than it looks, but in a good way!).

6 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – February 2

  1. Thanks so much for the GSO Kat! You made my day!
    That comic made me laugh out loud when I saw it so I KNEW I had to use it on a page.
    You found an awful lot of awesomeness to share today!

  2. Oh my WORD – my very first GSO! You made my day. Thank you for your kind words about my layout. My goal for 2016 is to focus not on scrapping my photos, but on recording our stories. Your praise has redoubled my motivation to get it done!

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