Hello!!! Happy New Year to all!!! This is my first post of 2016, as much as I was willing to post over Christmas & then New Year…sleep took first priority, so I am here back to share with you so much beauty in the galleries!!! I have to say, thought it seemed that 2016 was starting in a bad pace…(I had a horrible NYE!!!) things turned straight the day after and keep aiming for better… now I’m gonna go straight into sharing mode as it is already 04:11 am  here in London (and for that, even if I checked 3 times, I apologize if there are grammar horrors or typos!) and I have so much to show you!!!

Today I m gonna start the other way around. I would normally leave hybrid projects for last, but will make a change, as this is the girl who inspire me to go into it myself, and she keeps inspiring me with her awesome creations, be that digital or hybrid, she shines them all….and this is especially cute and I will be lifting this for my FilofFax.  Love the look of this, it gives the planner a cute and happy note to start a week!!! Exhale by jenevang


More amazing, inspirational people with artsy pages that make my heart sing, first is  Innovative Carol 2016 by Iowan … and in here I am in AWE. I don’t think I have enough words to explain how much I love this…. not only is an amazing piece visually with a perfection on composition and making some gorgeous blends , but the journaling…oh she made me smile big time on starting with McGyver  which brought some memories, but she so humbly tells about some amazing, incredible talent she has all around, and you get to learn (especially with this challenge for which the page was made for) how many awesome, creative, incredibly talented women we have in this industry, and I am not only talking about the talent on making the pages only, but the amazing job they do in life all around, be that as mothers, doctors, teachers, writers, scientist…you name it: we have them (I feel so blessed to be a close friend with some of them. Now coming back to Carol/Iowan’s page here: the innovation comes into her page too: she is (I am sure you know) an amazing clusterer/layering/page full scrapper…now she takes on this…and does it like the very best. AWE. LOVE. LoVe and then LOVE a bit more.

Innovative Carol 2016

Another art journal page, a gorgeous mixture of blended pieces, in Universe of Secrets by brownie13, someone I had never come across before, but I am delighted to have to tonight.


and another amazing art journal piece…this a lot closer to home for me as I love doodling, what people now call Zentangling and closer to my idea of art journal… The Window to my Heart by Nonni_f


Now moving on to the blank space Queens… this gorgeous, perfectly composed, wonderfully shadowed page with a journaling to make any heart fill with joy, is this page MOC 8 -Proud by Carrie1977. She usually  comes up with pages that shine like jewels in the galleries…no matter where I go I find her shining with memory keeping at it’s best…and this just had to have a place here tonight. Gorgeous, absolutely and incredibly gorgeous.


Now another amazing, talented girl whom I’m sure you know, as she also used to be one of our colleagues, and I have two pages I found tonight from her which I feel I wouldn’t be fair unless I show you both. I’m talking about Farrah Jobbling, an amazingly accomplished, talented photographer, scrapper, mum, wife…. and it all comes out in her pages, clean cut, beauty all over, like in this 05.20.14-daydreamer: love the photo and how wonderful the feeling from it is, like an almost private moment of this child in a perfect image, plus the combination of patterns, that big tittle shines as it does the rest of the page……beautiful……


then there is this other page… 1.08.2016 – Shine, which shows a turn on her that I LOVE with passion…… I know she hasn’t been all that keen on journaling and reading this is making me so happy….plus the beautiful photo of herself (she is usually behind the camera) This makes me happy, as an old woman (well, older than most in our scrap family at least) I have seen so many people change, most for the better, and I love how she rounded all a huge life change in a page with almost simplicity and passion … look forward to see this happening…i am sure the light is already strong on this one… 🙂


Last but never least… Christmas Eve Anticipation,Christmas Day Crash by LovelyMissKait:  a hyper talented girl who also makes my days so much beautiful, with everything she does… and in this, following the Planner craze we live in, a type of planner that is SO much my kind …. LOVE every but of this , the hand made look, the way she put the golden touches,the story (I can even see him crashing!!! LOL) the duplicated overlapped photos give the whole thing a modern look….now I need some money to go shopping for this stuff ..amazing, superb, gorgeous, incredibly beautiful… I wish I had more time to come find her pages a lot more often!!!!!!!!


So here is when I’m of to try sleep a bit again… remember that you can get to their individual galleries by clicking on the name of the layout and author, I know we all are hyper busy but we also know how much a difference a couple of words in our creations can make to our day…. Hope you are having a wonderful 2016, that you love these inspiring pages as much as I do….see you soon!!!!!

13 thoughts on “Finger – Pointing -January 8th-

  1. ♪ ♫ Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, I got a wonderful feeling…………………… ♪ ♫

    You doll you, thanks so much for the kind words and for picking my page, and you are so correct, it was not my style at all, but I had fun making the page. ☺ ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ ☺

    1. lets do a duet!!!! I can hear you singing!!!! love the song, and yes, I can tell you had fun, the page is trully awesome!!!!!!!

  2. What a surprise and honor to be added to your Finger Pointing. You totally made my day!

    Creating with doodles or “Zentangling” is brand new to me. Don’t know how I’d never heard of it till recently.

    Happy New Year
    aka…. Nonni F

    1. Hi Arline 🙂 nice to “meet you”!!! well I am almost 60 years old and in my time we called it doodling LOL it has been in the past few years that people gave it that name…. I do a lot of it on paper…maybe not as good as the pieces you used but when I saw your page I was in love!!!! super well composed…. my pleasure to have you featured here…I wish I had more time to view all your gallery (which I have loved at a glance!!)

  3. Congratulations to all the other scrappers on their beautiful pages.

    Thank you, Cynthia, for picking my planner page and for your beautiful, encouraging words. You’ve brightened my day and brought a smile to my face. xoxo

    1. ahhh me ENCANTO tu page!!!!!! acho que voy a precisar comprar ese planner tan lindo que tu los has hecho!!! LOVE it!!!!! my pleasure!!!

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