Hello! Hope everyone is well and having a great start of the weekend! As usual, I have all my sleeping patterns crossed and twisted, but for once I am not too late in posting, but my body still tricks me so I apologize if I am not my full on chatty self today It’s quiet late here though, and as I had very little sleep, I ll get right on some amazing inspiration from the galleries!

I’m going to start with this amazing page by Pheeebzzz, a wonderful, graphics style composition with an amazing photo and some super amazing tittle work , so full of light, makes me want to get on the road!


I love giving you a great selection of page styles and, generally I succeed, even in not picking the same kit…but these two next pages show the amazing versatility one kit can have when two different people bring you awesome results, and these two are as awesome as they come!!!  In both cases the photo is amazing and has a huge impact in the page, and again the two have some impressive choices and the end results are wonderful, you can see for yourself here: Amusement Soleil by  kaphelps


and the next one, In The Sweet Sunshine 2014 by  Iowan, with equal beauty, a photo that is wonderful, the colors playing with the eye so well all over! Love the way she fills the page so gorgeous and still the beautiful clean lines !

In the Sweet sunshine 2014

Next is Hello UnHappy by Eyeore. I could be here fo ages explaining you how much I got to know this amazing family through her pages, and how much I love every one of them…this one is just a delight in color scheme, super gorgeous golden with amazing blues so well used, that the whole thing speaks. Reminds me the need to scrap the un happys too and how beautifully this can be done!

Hello Unhappy2

This next page is one most of us know all too well: Friendship without boundaries by Sweet is an all over precious page! The geographic distance so well portrayed, love how well the globe is fitted into the background with dimension, and the wonderful layering  of flowers, those clusters so perfectly done. Love this!!!


Last but never least, an all favorite of everyone I know: Timeless by Wombat 146. The blending here is so amazing, there is an  all together  magic about this, always present in Ona’s pages…absolutely wonderful!


This will be all from me today. I hope you enjoyed these and get inspired ! As usual, you can get to the original gallery by clicking in the high- lit name of the LO and author to leave them some love. Have a great weekend!!




14 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – July 1st.

  1. Thank you for featuring my Friendship beyond Boundaries….I can’t take ALL the credit. Biancka played a role as well. We thank you both from the bottom of our hearts. This surely made my night as I’m sure she will feel the same within a few hours. (8 hours ahead of me *lol*)

    1. Biancka is an absolute talent! so, the two of you. are! it really caught my eye and is a subject so dear to my heart, most of my most loved people are far away, and at the moment,my best friends are scrappers….. I wasn’t my usual self last night as I wasn’t feeling well …could have gone on for hours about the page…I’m glad to be able to highlight talent…you two are amazing , <3

      1. Wow………this is such great news to wake up to 🙂 Thank you so much for featuring out page on the GSO blog and thank you also for your very kind words ♥ That means a lot to me (and I bet to Jenna as well :)) !

        1. I did recognize your photo there, tell you something… I don’t usually get to pick you, because we keep a 7 days list, in order not to pick all the same people all the time, and you are one of our favorites so you are always listed when it comes to my day!! the page is amazing and knowing is a team effort makes it even more beautiful!!!!!!! Super talent, I would print the page and frame it if I was you girls!!!!! and Biancka, if you ever get to come over to London, give us a shout, I would be delighted to meet you in person!!!! <3

  2. Ooh, ooh thanks so very much for featuring my page with this wonderful batch of layouts. Get some sleep, I know I will have sweet dreams thanks to you.

    1. Glad to be able to make a day better…. you have so much talent Carol, I never cease to be surprised with the things you come up with…. <3

  3. awww Cynthia, just found this and I am tickled pink!! thank you so much for your very kind words and for selecting my layout!!! xxx

    1. oh I am always delighted when I see you aren’t in the 7 days list LOL because that means I get to pick you!!!!! is impossible pass on a page of yours, and honestly? you give me so much work as every page of yours is a GSO!!!!!!! <3

  4. Cynthia, you are so very special, the love you share with the heartfelt comments are such a blessing in this industry. Thanks so very much for the shout out. You have blessed me on this super cold day!

    1. oh my…Stef….your words are blessings to me too, you know how much I love ad admire you, and is like I know your family and love following the stories…you are great in every possible way…not sure if I mentioned it but I bookmarked the page, will try lift it, you are a HUGE inspiration for me and many others I know!!!!!! <3

  5. Thank you so much for featuring my page “En route pour les Sauvas”. I do have to add that :
    – much of the credit should go to Valérie from paperns.com since she designed the template I used
    – making lovely page is made easier when you have great products to scrap with, and I find that it’s always the case with Sabrina’s (from Sabrina’s Creations)… even when my photos aren’t that great, somehow, thanks to her designs my pages turn great 🙂

  6. Thank you Cynthia – you’ve made my day extra special with your kind words. Congrats to everyone – these choices are really inspiring! xo

    1. <3 <3 your pages are always amazing, my pleasure, each and every time I come across a page of yours, my heart is filled with joy!!!!!! <3

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