For those of you in the U.S., I hope you’re enjoying your 4th of July and that you’re able to spend at least part of it celebrating with family and friends. Here in sunny Central Florida, many are taking advantage of local fireworks displays, splashing around in their pools to beat the heat and grilling outside. Because of the holiday, I can spend a little extra time browsing the online galleries today looking for pages that catch my eye.

How about I show you what I found?:

Don’t You Cry by Flo06nice


Beautiful clustering is always an eye-grabber for me. And I’m in awe of someone that can rock the clusters with tiny elements! I love the slight tilt to some elements but not all, the mix of patterned papers, the subtle brushwork . I adore all the tiny bits, layered and stacked, stitched and anchored down and the use of word art to set the mood for the page.

Dream by Gemma


She definitely achieved a dreamy quality here with the soft colors and all the bokeh brushes. I love the juxtaposition of the myriad of circle shapes with the angled rectangles and how she used the limited color palette to her advantage by having it lead the eye where she wanted it to go across the page. Soft, feminine and gorgeous!

Stars by IntenseMagic


Speaking of dreamy, this certainly qualifies as well! Beautifully balanced, soft, simple and thought provoking, looking into a vortex on a starry night. Just stunning!

Jumping for Joy by Arte Banale

Arte Banale_jumpingofjoy

This photo certainly captures the joy of summer! I love all the beachy bits, layered and clustered, the dual color stitching, the vertical anchor of the banner with the centered page design. The pops of blue echo the water in the photo and the color of her shirt. It’s a lovely mix of different word art, with multiple textures and styles that work so very well together.

Time by chickypow


Photo-less but you immediately grasp the story through the use of the song lyrics. {great song choice, by the way!} I love the dual purpose of the circle brush, both implying a clock and passage of time but also the concept that distance doesn’t separate relationships. Beautifully shadowed, too!

Stars and Stripes by xxSweeetxx


I couldn’t NOT pick a 4th of July layout today! And I LOVE this one by Jenna! Fun almost retro film editing, gorgeous clustering, bright, happy colors and patriotic, too. I like the checkerboard design with the smaller photos in combination with that adorable large photo. Just love it!

I hope you’ve found some inspiration in these lovely pages today. If you’re browsing the galleries to see them up close, leave the scrapper a big hello and let her know!

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  1. Yay, thanks for featuring my page Stacia “Stars and Stripes”…another great feeling to end my day! TY! 🙂

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