Hello!!! Hope everyone is well, enjoying the weekend and ready for some gorgeous inspiration! I had a very intense week on the health side of life, with moving around a lot between clinics and other stuff which is not yet finished as I have still next week to go and decisions and results to wait for, but thing is, I ended up falling asleep last night and I am now writing on Saturday morning.  As usual, there was so much to go through and so many pages that so deserve to be featured…I hope that you love these as much as I do!!!!

I’m not sure you all know how this blog works, so I tell you a bit about: we are all here without any kind of pay, we do not get anything material, any goods, no digital or any kind, this is just something that runs on love and effort by all of us. As I have mentioned before, what we do get though, surpasses the highest of material  return: the amazing feeling of making someone’s day, to be able to inspire you and the words of gratitude by each and everyone of you who are featured is something I know each and everyone of my colleagues and myself treasure, plus the chance to get around and be inspired ourselves. There is this one person who does so much more than all of us, she organizes shifts, runs things like clockwork and I know we couldn’t be doing this without her. This amazing lady is also one of the most amazing scrappers I have ever met, but she had been without scrapping for, if I am not mistaken, over a year. Her name is Jeanine, and  I was so so amazed when I saw her posting this week, her pages are absolute treasures, I would like to share with you one of those, one that is as amazingly gorgeous in the visual way, as is marvelous in the message it carries: Making Art by nachtmol


Carrying on amazing art journal, here is a page by Cath_  I had bookmarked since I saw it posted in the gallery, I knew I wanted to share this and I know there are so many of us around that fight these same fears, and this page reflects something as ugly as agoraphobia is in such a beautiful visual way…this is what I love about art in general and so love in scrapbooking: we have the power to make something traumatic, or a not so happy event into the most beautiful things. I personally take this power to boost my power to fight all ugliness that comes my way. Love the light she gave to herself here, how well blended the whole thing is, and I didn’t even get to read all the credits…but what an impressive amount of stuff, all coming together into this gorgeous piece of art!!!!


I know most of you know we try being as fair as we can on giving people the chance to be featured, plus I have my own ethics code that tells me I should not feature the same people I featured in my past few posts too soon…. but when you come across some of those people…well, that is just inevitable that you would NEED to share their creations again. This is the case here with an awesome page by Anne of Alamo for a mixed media challenge. The visual composition  is so beautiful, so full of details to keep finding, so much gorgeous blending going on…and then she chooses an amazing song to go with the feeling, with such a beautiful font and the whole feeling of the page is just first class going into my heart…. so so much talent here. Could not NOT share this!


Summer in so many parts of the world brings so much beach and holiday beauty, it wasn’t an easy task to choose just the one page… but this, Summer Time by Flo06nice, not only gains my heart, but also Sarita’s (my DD), who was insistent (she was having coffee with me) that this was the absolute stand out (she has a degree in art, even though not a scrapper) The photo is so, so amazing, that frozen action perfection, the gorgeous colors and the ability to transport me to there and then, plus the superb clustering work with the text on the circle path that completes the whole movement, the detail of those pieces of ripped paper…. just absolute gorgeousness!!!


I have two admit I thought at first this was a very, very young Elton John… it shows my age, right? LOL. I have a huge, deep love for music/shows/stage pages, and this one is an awesomely composed one! On a closer look I realized the tittle is the name of the singer: Huey by Norma is just so beautifully worked, the photo is amazing (I can never get good photos, not even at my own daughter’s gigs!) and love the way it is partially framed, the amount of details blended in around it is as amazing, plus I maybe on the road of discovery of another favorite band, judging by the text which I assume is a song of his… love the elements clustered on the right hand side, all the details that make this an all together beauty!


Now moving onto the less fuller side of things, onto the people who have this wonderful gift to make us be there and then, amaze and inspire us with the blank space or clean & simple compositions that say it all with that incredible elegance, is  Content by LynnG, who is one of my most favorite people of all. She has so much talent, her creativity is such that I had to go back and forth with so many beauties she has posted. Once again, not easy to get just one. I ended up choosing this, love the photos, the light sines into the page with perfection, the blending in the background is seamless and so beautiful, the elements so delicate and amazingly shadowed, each and every little detail are so perfectly put together that I keep seeing it all as a whole, and that gives me that warm sun feeling. I couldn’t read the text but I think the tittle together with the whole page gives us everything we need to know. Just perfect!


Before I leave you for today, I have another amazing page in that line, the one that with so much elegance and clean cut style can make your heart fill with joy. This, Sweet Serendipity by Bao, called my attention from the thumbnail by the beautiful design, the amazingly gorgeous photo and little embellishment, a proper stand out that when I looked closer, gave me that recognition feeling. I love traveling and though not so often done in the past few years, one of my favorites pages to scrap are the airplane photos, and this is a stunning one. Paired with the message, which is something I have experienced many times, in some cases the most ironic being that I have never seen any of the people again, this whole page is perfection. Love the way she slightly titled the photograph, the perfection of the shadowing,  the stitched tag, the fonts used…everything comes together with that beautiful message, and I am keeping it at :Stunning.


So, this is all for today from me. As usual, you can get to the original awesome galleries by clicking on the name of the LO and author high-lit above for each of these amazing people. Please take a minute or two to leave them some love, as repetitive as I may sound, we all know how much a word or two can make a person’s day go a long, long way better!!!! Thanks so much for reading, hope you get as inspired as I am! Have a great weekend!!!!




10 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – June 17th –

  1. oh dear Cynthia…thank you so much, this song is so special in my life, and well, you seeing it and appreciating gives me a joy tingle all over! Thank you and wow to the other pages, I am awed and just loving them too!

    1. you have a place in a permanent GSO in my heart… every page of yours is a world of beauty, amazing messages and gorgeous art….. in any style, you nail it, and best of all? is the family story with the most honest, beautiful tune always <3

  2. Wow Cynthia, thank you so much for your kind and supersweet words, you almost left me speechless! At first I was flabbergasted to see one of my pages here at the blog and second, as I started reading what you wrote about us girls blogging and then about me doing things for the blog….well you truly warmed my heart! It was just the positive impuls I needed after some emotional days with my youngest son, who is struggling with the alcohol abuse of his father. He is going to confront his dad tomorrow on fathers day, supported by his fathers sisters and tell him what impact it has on him and his life. He hopes his dad wants to choose for treatment instead of sticking his head in the sand…. So thank you again! I feel truly honored!!

    1. I am with you in heart and spirit… you could tell him to add the story of Sarita’s dad, for whom is too late as alcohol has induced dementia to top his multiple sclerosis…. I didn’t know things got to this point, sorry I haven’t been around for you but you know I’m here if you at any time need an ear or a shoulder….God knows you were there for me every time I needed it!!!!!!! As for your pages…… I chose that one for many reasons, but each and everyone of your pages are a Stand OUt …I am so SO happy you are scrapping again, and so thankful to you for all you do for us, not only in the blog, but in our personal lives <3 Love you <3

  3. Thank you so much! I always look forward to your picks. You find the most inspirational page and I love your writing. Such a thrill and an honour to see my layout there. Those photos of our happy (but different!) girl are very special to me 🙂

    1. YOu just made my day an ever better one… I should add that in every post I make, there are pages of yours that deserve being here. You are one of the most amazing creative people I know, be that as an artist in your pages or with what you design for us to play with…. you shine in every piece you create <3 And...different is good, even though, I know, sometimes not all that easy ... and being your child... she is blessed. <3

  4. Thanks so much for the kind words and showcasing one of my pages. Huey Lewis was a main staple when I was younger (lol…80’s) and recently got to see him. I was lucky to get pretty close hence the good shots! I love all the pages you have picked and consider myself lucky to be lumped in with them. (and by the way I was on a CT with you way back (maybe going by yorkiemom at that time, not sure. I haven’t seen you around in quite a while but I know you had some issues…glad to have you back).

    1. LOL Norma!!!! of COURSE I KNOW who you are!!!!!!!!!!!! I even write to Karen to let her know I had poic ked the page as I wasn’t sure you would see it in DST!!!!! How could I forget such an amazing lady and scrapper? never!!!!!!! <3 love the page, as I love all you do, just had not come across your pages for quiet a while so was happier than usual when I found this!!!! <3

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