It’s Saturday morning. All is quiet in the house.  Perfect!  The perfect time for me to browse the galleries and look at all the gorgeousness that’s been created.  Let’s see what caught my eye today …

I love to see how scrappers process their photos by using or layering actions, and I have to admit, I’m a sucker for a great black and white process – and that’s what got my attention with Elitka’s page, Warm Rain. As I opened up the page, though, I then started looking at all the sketched or doodled elements that she had incorporated with just a few teeny-tiny dimensional elements.  This page screams “details” to me – do you see the little scalloped edging on the background paper?

Clin D’oeil’s page, Smell the Flowers, is a great example of layering masks – and she’s added some other techniques in there, too, like extraction work.  This is one page of a double-spread (see the other page here), which almost made my picks today, too! Notice how even the butterfly trail or swirl is wrapped around the wordart title?  Looks like the kids had a great day in the woods, running around.


How about a little reflective art journaling and a photo-less page.  In fact, Walls by Donnagoar is both photo-less and journal-less (is that a word? LOL) … and yet, it speaks volumes. Donna selected a pretty powerful quote to incorporate in her page, one that talks about letting down the walls or barriers we sometimes surround ourselves with and then letting the sun shine through. The small heart that’s seemingly coming out from the sun, the blended wall texture, and the brush work … this would be fabulous on canvas!

As soon as I saw RhondaT’s layout, I knew I had to include it here today!  Aptly titled, Capturing Life, Rhonda has done just that with a fun series of photos – love a goofy photo or two. The spring color palette is a nice, refreshing change and a sign that the seasons will soon be changing. Great use of many elements, and yet still keeping the pictures the primary focus on the layout (and who wouldn’t – she’s a cutie!).

Capturing Life March by Blagovesta

Have your ever looked at a layout and tried to deconstruct it – you know, try and figure out what they did, technique-wise?  When I saw Anke’s page, Keep Smiling, that’s what I started to do (after I’d gotten over the “whoa” factor!).  There’s a frame that blends into a mask that blends into the circle-punched paper element … brushes layered here and there … and even the foliage is woven in and out of the circles.  What makes this even better is that Anke took this photo while she was stuck in traffic. I do the same thing, but my view is never as pretty as this!


Rounding out today’s selection is Cuba by AnikA68.  The extraction of the car is fabulous, but I particularly like all the brushwork and how is mimics the exhaust of the car.  Each time I kept coming back to this, I giggled a bit, thinking of how the brushes made me think of cars on the street just sitting there, having their engines revved up, over and over, for show.  Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a purple convertible, either!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my picks for today … until next time!

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