May already!!! Have you seen the time go by so quickly? Spring is there and before you know it you are heading to the summer! Today we finally have a bit of Spring here in the Netherlands, after a week of weather that could be normal for an autumn or early winter! I’m happy to see my big yellow friend again today! He warmed my heart and body! It felt good to be in the garden with a book today! I needed that!

But now it’s time to have a look at the beautiful pages that are waiting for me in the galleries! Let’s see if I can find us something to OOh and AAh about on this wonderful first day of May!

Daisies by Myla

What a gorgeous page this is! The beautiful bright colors ( love that beautiful blue of the sky she captured), the framing work, the little out of bounds details, the photo treatment. I just love it all! A real pleasure to look at!


Rain by mcurtt

Well I certainly have enough of rain but I think this page is awesome!  Love the design of the page ( It’s great how she used those circles)  and the contrast of the black and white with the red color! And the quote is really wonderful too!


Watercolour Flowers by Robyn

Wow! I so love these beautiful watercolor flowers! And they are so beautifully masked! I totally dig the design and colors and textures on this page! The framing is sublime too! I would hang this on my wall for sure!


Jonny by Ozegirl

This artsy page stands out in the gallery by its gorgeous colors and beautiful design! I love the art in the frame, what a beautiful photo treatment. I  love the text she added with the wonderful bird! Everything is just right! And that black scribble behind the frame is really giving it power and energy!


Observe by Wombat146

And I sure did observe it! Another page of Ona that I love! Can’t help it but I love all her pages and this one is no exception! I love the beautiful  photo treatment and light on the flower and the beautiful design! Love how she blended all that text in! Great work!


Comfort by jumlai

What a beautiful photo and photo treatment and blending! I adore the design  ( I love the lines and flow and energy in this page) and the colors are so warm and inviting! The scribbles are placed on just the right spot too! Really a fantastic page!


So this is all you are going to get from me today. Hope these pages inspire you as much as they inspire me! We all know how wonderful is to get community recognition, so, if you could take one minute or two to leave these awesome artist a bit of gallery love, just click in the author/name of the LO highlighted.
See you next time! Happy scrapping!

10 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – May 1

  1. Thanks Marianne for selecting one of my pages and thank you for your kind words! You know that you are my inspiration for a lot of my pages as well!! xx

  2. Thank you so much Marianne for honouring me with a spot here. I was absolutely thrilled to bits when I woke to this. How very exciting!! xo

  3. Thanks Marianne you make my day.

    Wat leuk Marianne een hele verrassing, ben op vakantie en frankrijk en gisteren was er een koude wind dus een mooie dag om iets anders te doen dan buiten te zijn, dus scrappen.
    groetjes Corrie

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