Hi, it’s Patsy here enjoying a sunny day in Florida after an all-day soaking rain yesterday.  I ended up spending a lot of time in the galleries and even more time than usual cutting my choices down to six.  My choices today run the gamut of style and subject and I hope you enjoy each and every one of them.

I think we can all relate to the subject of Burnt Out by Gerli.  Who hasn’t either had to deal with a child who’s had too little sleep or had to deal with too little sleep themselves!  That photo is so absolutely perfect and the combination of colors she’s used seem to bring a calmness to the page.  Love the crocheted edges!  A perfect page to record one of life’s ordinary moments.

Burnt Out by Gerli

Like The Model by digi371 is such a wonderful combination of whimsical and realistic elements.  The use of the brush work (or is it a masked piece of paper?) as a photo mat is awesome and coordinates with the element cluster at the bottom of the photo and with the photo itself.  And that photo is so cute.  This page just makes me smile!

Like The Model by digi371

2016 Days Gone By by easyeyes4you is another example of a page that should be framed and hung on the wall for all to admire!  The blue stains and the textured paper are the perfect backdrop for the beautiful lady in red with red umbrella (sounds like a painting, doesn’t it?!).  The loops and brushwork make sure your attention is on the subject of the page.  Love the placement of the title (and the title itself)!  And the double mat of blue and black really makes the whole page pop.  Gorgeous page!

2016 Days Gone By by easyeyes4you

It’s no secret that timounette is one of my favorite scrappers.  And her cigogne page is a perfect example of why I love her style.  This is another page that could be a wall-hanging or in a coffee-table book.  I love the angles she’s used for the photo, title, and journaling.  And the placement of those elements and the out-of-bounds portions of the bird create a beautiful composition.  Love how she’s used the scribble to suggest the flight of the bird.  Gorgeous page!

cogogne by timounette

I am in absolute awe of scrappers who can use multiple photos on a page even if they use a template!  Katie Pertiet’s Captured Moments [pg2] is a beautiful example of a multiple-photo page.  It was created to go with a “highlight page” (which is an awesome page too!).  I love the selection of photo she’s inlcuded and I especially love the crop on the bottom-right photo.  The grunged-up paper she’s used is perfect for the colors and energy of the photos.  These two pages will make a stunning addition to an album.

Captured Moments (pg 2) by Katie Pertiet

Perspective by Oldenmead is one of those pages that just draws you in and makes you wonder about the story behind it. (And how difficult will that first step be?)  I love the placement of the title and the brushwork beneath it.  The browns and grays and the blurring of the photo work well to set the tone of the page.  I think this would make an awesome movie poster!

Perspective by Oldenmeade

So those are my picks for today.  Hope you’ve been inspired by them.  If you have time, please visit the galleries and leave the artists some love.  The titles and images are all linked to make it easy.


5 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – May 5th

  1. Thanks so much for including my layout here, Patsy. And congrats to the other ladies for their beautiful pages.

    1. OH my …Thank you so much , I am flattered…. I do have to say though that the umbrella is actually a red ORANGE …. It was for the color challenge using oranges and aquas and black…. others have thought it was red also, but I saw orange…. including people who were involved in the challenge…. guess I should have tweaked the color a tiny bit? Thanks again….

      1. Either way, it’s gorgeous. I think maybe seeing it against the blue makes it look more red than it is.

        1. Yeah… I think we see what we are expecting to see… in that case the “red” umbrella makes sense, but my mind was on the color palette when I first saw this image and it saw orange… but with a lot of red in it of course…. anyway, again, I am so pleased to have been chosen… and thanks for the fun conversation…

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