Hello hello!!! Hope you are all doing well and enjoying the celebrations!!!! I think I have scrapped more in the past week or so than I have in the past month, and that makes me very happy, but trying to be in too many places at once, yesterday I needed to go sleep early (not usual for me!) and completely forgot about the post!! So I am writing in the morning after, but bringing you some of yesterday’s most amazing posts. I have to say, the galleries are talent galore, it was even more difficult than usual to stick to a short number of pages, and even with the addition I left out pages I still think should be here. My heart is now filled with joy thanks to all the awesomely talented people we have around, so here are some of the ones that brought all this joy:

Weekend by jk703: Jen is one of these people who can bring magic into the page with the clean cut, elegant and blank space kind of page, and this is a perfect sample of it. The photo is an amazing capture, the touch of the torn paper effect makes it even more amazing, the word spill, the delicate cluster…. all perfection that make my heart sing!


City Lights by motherbear: another superb photo page, I’m crazy about low light photography and this is just bliss!!! I’m not sure if the touch of purple was at the time of taking the photograph, or an effect by Julie, but the whole thing most definitely makes an impact. Love the way the papers are cut to bring attention to the photo, the gorgeous word art for tittle work, the beautiful, delicate way the elements are tucked into the papers…wonderful show of a side of big cities I love…that time when lights are on , silence and absences make the photos almost into paintings to hang on one’s wall…delightful page all over!!!!


Let’s Be Mermaids by Arumrose: I am loving the fact that the mermaids are trending, as we love the sea, my daughter was brought up almost immersed on it, and Cecile here pictures the sea side feeling so amazingly well!  There is perfection everywhere I look here: the torn paper effect again, giving the page a hand made feeling, the beautiful photo which is the type I love most, the one capturing a moment rather than a face, the wonderful cluster with shadows to perfection…. and the paint in the bottom of the page….. a wonderful master piece!!!!


16-05-05 – Cute by  zizazzi: I fell in love with this from the thumbnail! the gorgeous black & white photos, the almost white background with just touches of paint splatters, the superb word art, and the bit of journaling that makes it so complete….absolutely amazing!


Bring It On! by Deanna: Oh I love this woman! she is a full on story teller, lover of elements as I am, full of passion in her pages. This caught my attention at first by the rain effect she so beautifully got done, and then looking closer I fell in love with every bit of the page! Now the one thing that totally gained my heart, is the fact that she put down into writing something that I will need to use in some page at some point: how every scrapbooker (or scrapbooker’s family) will go to an extent in thinking pages forward…as here the mother is in the garage, but sends her daughters into the rain to capture the cute moment… I think telling this story will make sure in the future, the generations to come will know even more about us, and the passion we put into our memory keeping. Love the layering going on here, those bits of papers that peek out on the left hand side, the stitches, the cluster… a perfection in story telling!!!


News May 2016 by Jen Em: and we carry on into the story telling fabulous thing! LOVE with all my heart photo-less pages, be that the ones who tell about one main event, or the ones that bring the daily , not so adventurous life, the ones that tell about feeling at points in time…everything that is journaled is the core of our story telling, and this is done to perfection!!! Love the take on the template, the mixture of bits and pieces, that delicate way in which everything is brought together into the most elegant piece…… just awesome!

SG Per Diem LO1

Telling Stories by misfitinmn: here she puts together all I was talking about: the passion of being a scrapper, the beauty of being able to look back into the both good and not so good moments, the sense of accomplishment… and in this page done in such an amazing beauty on the composition, gorgeous papers choice, amazingly beautiful clusters, she achieves once again big time, everything here gains my heart all the way!!!


Disclamier: My Edit Button is Broken by carrie1977: Once again, the wonderful story telling, the beauty of journaling here meeting the gorgeous ephemera, the wonderful choices of papers, the perfection of clustering and gorgeous details in the page that I could keep finding…. and that super heart felt, honest to the core journaling of what makes us who we are… just perfect.


She said yes by Adryane: Oh, the happiness in my heart to find a page by this amazingly awesome girl!!!!! I usually find her on Facebook, but for one reason or another, she never pops up in my GSO duty days…so I am double happy here: because the page is one awesome sample of talent, and because it is hers!  Love how this page brings together the story telling with the art journal, the blending which is seamless perfection, the wonderful big tittle, and all the way a touch of fun…. all over fabulous!!!!


and, last but never ever least, an awesome, beautiful page, Oops by Dale, which shows a side of art journal I love so much: the uplifting, happy and joyful side that is what keeps me smiling through the most difficult times. Love the head falling doll, the burying of said head in so many beautiful spring flowers, the fabulous spring/summer blue sky with the puffy cloud…oh I would print this and have it on my wall!!!!!!!! absolute delight!!!!!


I hope you find these as inspiring as I do! If you can spare the time, you can get to the original gallery by clicking in the high lit name of the LO & author , as usual, you know how happy this can make them, what a difference you can make in a day!!!! See you soon, Happy iNSD too!!!!






8 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – May 6th – iNSD Edition!

  1. I’m so happy to see that my little mermaid is loved by you. Merci beaucoup, thanks a lot to highlight it among other beauties on that special day

  2. Thank you so much, Cynthia, for including my layout with all of these beautiful pages. Congrats to all the other stand-outs as well! xo

  3. Congratulations, everyone! Beautiful work!

    Fantastic choices tonight, Cynthia! It must have been so hard to choose with all the fabulous layouts around digiland this weekend!

  4. Wow so happy to see my very c&s layout here…love all your choices ! Congrats to the others : -)

  5. Thank you for including my layout, Cynthia! Such an honor! You have such kind words and you, yourself are so inspiring! Congrats to all!

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