I have the privilege of selecting six standouts for you to enjoy today. It sounds much easier than it really is. There are literally hundreds of new pages in the galleries, so limiting the choices to a mere six, is truly a challenge. At any rate, here are today’s Gallery Standouts! I hope you feel inspired by what you see.

Weekend by immaculeah

This is such a beautiful and elegant layout! The use of white space is so artistically done here with underlying layers and blending. The patterned paper strips and chevrons are a direct contrast to the neutral background and they really draw the eye into the photo. Speaking of the photo, isn’t she adorable? I love the black & white edit and the minimal use of elements.


La Pluie by Dady

This layout jumped right out of the gallery. I adore the striking contrast on this divided page; quite different! There is definitely a light side and a dark side with creative recoloring on both, causing a very dramatic look. Awesome! I don’t read or speak French, but it’s not even necessary here. It’s all about the placement of the journaling and this rests in just the right spot at the top and under the bold line.


Little Pirate by MaggieMae

Can you say adorable? She’s the cutest little pirate I ever did see and this extraction really makes her pop right off the page! By keeping the elements simple and small, all of the focus is on the photo. The lined frames mimic the lines in her skirt and of course the little pirate ship in the corner is perfect. I also like the scribbly border and the cream & red color scheme.


Vintage Love by jirsev

This is lovely heritage page! The colors and blending on the background compliment the pink-toned photo beautifully. As I keep looking at all of the details, I keep finding new elements that adorn this layout. The flowers, the music not, the parasol, the little heart lock, and more, are placed together in such a gorgeous cluster and the shadow work is stunning. This would be a treasure in anyone’s vintage album.


Gerbera Daisies by cfile

Wow! This is a gorgeous layout in every way! The artsy photo effects and textures throughout are stunning first of all. The colors are truly yummy and they certainly compliment the tones of the photo. I love the  little banner at the top attached with the black stitching. The leaves, the word snippet and the pretty flair are perfect accents too.


Focus by Jana_NJ

This is another layout that popped out of the gallery! The large sketched photo in the background is very striking.  The smaller, repeated photo in the Polaroid frame assures the reader where the focus is. I love the paint behind the frame and the cut-out word “FOCUS.” What a creative way to set the title.  The layers and brush work, especially in the bottom right corner, are gorgeous and these colors are beautiful.


So there you have it…six Gallery Standout! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. I’m pretty sure I’m inspired to try some new ideas. How about you? If any of these strike your fancy, please take a minute or two and leave the artist’s a nice comment. I know they’d appreciate it. (Note: click on the title links to go directly to their galleries.)

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