Hello everyone! hope you are all having a beautiful and quiet evening (at least this is it for me, just entering the very first minutes of the 19th! This week for me was full of hospital and doctor’s clinics so I am glad the weekend is finally here and I am able to get some rest… but not before sharing with you some of the gorgeous creations in the galleries! Here are some amazingly awesome pages I found!

Merry & Bright by YellowPeep:  this is such a delight for me, to be able to start my post with a page by this young lady who is so awesomely talented, as I don’t come across her pages that much.  I’m in love with the collection she used, the photo, as always with hers, shows her quality as a photographer, is beautiful and fun, the whole composition oozes elegance and style, the amazing clean lines and the blank space…all together perfection!


Season Greetings by Cristina: This just feels my heart with joy, once again, I am so in love with collection and the different takes that kept coming into the gallery, here I love the way Cristina used the background watercolor paper and how well is paired with the bottom patterned one, the touch of the addition of the stripped tape is perfection, the way the photo is framed and how everything from the photo seems to keep in the gold feeling here….amazing little bits of text with the labels & word strips, the little Santa and those perfect snow flakes, plus equally perfect shadows all through…. marvelous!!!


Winter Time by Ga_L brings me even closer to the It’s beginning to look like Christmas thing! I love snow/winter pages that bring the festive feeling with elegance, and in Gaelle case, this happens in the most beautiful way. Love the fun photo, the contrast with the black card, the gigantic snow flake taking charge of the composition, fabulously beautiful!!!


Adventure by Lizzye257 grabbed my attention from the thumbnail, it was a perfect page from the distance and even more so when looking at this close up…. the clever inclusion of the photo in the middle triangle, the perfect layering and making the little forest scene with those tress, the shadows are so spot on magic… gorgeous choice also of the background paper that seem to point even more towards the focused  centered on the photo…overall, a perfect page wherever you look at this!!!


Following the nature beauty after the page above, is this absolutely amazing page by an equally amazing, talented girl, is Hudson Sunset by Jenn McCabe. I love the photo, love the shine and light created by the paint, the super beautiful photo, which together with the tittle, journaling,the choice of font,  everything is rounded up to perfection!


As much as I love the elegance of the white space, seeing pages that are full in the way these next pages are, is music to my heart.  Actually I Can, by Deanna, who is one of the most prolific memory keepers in the whole industry, and, even if it seemed impossible, she gets  better with every page. Love the take on the template here. The amazing family treasure of a photo like this brings the nostalgia, so well complemented by the dark colo0rs on the wood texture, the super well cone tittle and, to make it all even more amazing, a journaling that is uplifting and fills us with joy and make us reflect too…


Another superb, amazing full page comes from mrsashbaugh. One Year is an explosion of colors and laughter, happiness and a talent of hers for putting so many photos together, the perfection of the take on the template, the gorgeous elements, the flowers clusters…everything here is happiness!!! I don’t think I can find a better word….!


And before I go…. I would like to share another page, one from our very own Marianne, whom I admire hugely but never ever seem to be able to feature in my posts (mainly because someone else4 has featured her within the week! Everything she does is marvelous and full of soul, this one is also full of fun, colors and all over beauty : Retrospective Smile by Margje-


This is all from me today! Have an amazing weekend, hope you enjoyed and find inspiration!!!!





6 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – November 18th-

  1. Cynthia, thank you dear friend for featuring my page. You made my week!! I love all the gorgeous pages you picked. Gorgeous and inspiring. I do hope you get some rest and have a lovely weekend with no clinic visits. Xoxo

  2. Oh Cynthia, you made my DAY (and what a day it was!!) Thank you so much my love. I am so unbelievably honored to be here with all these other wonderful pages. Muchos gracias!!! xoxoxo

  3. Cynthia, thank you so much for featuring my page this day! It’s a very special photo–of which we don’t have too many from back then. Thanks also for the nice words you wrote about me. It made my heart warm!

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