Evening everyone – well, it’s the start of the evening here on the east coast of the U.S.  After a busy day of house project, like painting the entire living room, and then straightening up the spare bedroom, I’m ready to just sit down, browse, and maybe even get my scrap on for a while.  It’s a good night for my turn here on the blog – so much inspiration out there with the galleries filling up with weekend layouts!

Starting out today’s picks is Wo69b from Hilu1956. This is the second page of a two-page layout (you can see the other page here), but I love that this one can easily stand alone. I love the balance this scrapper has achieved with the larger photo grounding the layout on the bottom, but still leaving plenty of room up top for more detailed pictures.  Also, great choice to use a mask on the large picture – the messy edge along the top helps break up the lines and also allows for a little white and separation on the page. And besides, how cute is that garden shed?  I want one!

Changing things up a bit, how about a hybrid project?  One of the things I love about the digital world is that as large as it might seem, sometimes there are opportunities to meet scrappers in person – and I’m pleased to say, I know this girl!! Kate’s hybrid projects are awesome and when I saw her Hybrid Christmas Tags, I just had to include them in today’s post.  What fun would it be to receive a gift with a handmade tag like this attached to it?  The machine stitching is great, and I love that everything is carefully placed on each tag so the stitching helps to keep everything secure. Fun colors, and a great mix of small elements, stickers and labels. Just fun all around!


The galleries are filling up with holiday-themed pages, so I just had to include one or two here – and Vrielinkie’s Throwback Christmas Photo is the first of two Christmas pages for today. Looking at the thumbnail in the gallery, this page caught my attention with the vertical design elements – even the song words for Jingle Bells are vertical! The repetition of “3” here is clever, too, from “Ho Ho Ho” to the numbers 1, 2, and 3 representing the three children, and even to the three strips of red patterned paper under the photo. Great color combination, with hints of red and green for the traditional holiday colors, mixed with the vintage-y browns.

My second holiday page (well, I guess third, if you include the gift tags), is just adorable and that photo is too precious (and that’s a very patient dog to have not only a scarf, but a hat on, as well!). Miranda’s page, Homemade Christmas, has so many details to look at – all in tiny miniature – and yet the photo is still, quite obviously, front and center. A perfectly plain neutral background allows for everything to pop off the page, too.

Pulling off a guy page with flowers can be tricky to do, but Sweeet (Jenna) manages to do just that in her page Thankful for You. Jenna’s clustering is amazing, and the muted color palette and kit selection here make it perfect for a page about her guy. In addition to the wonderful soft tones, I love that she chose to repeat the journaling, over and over, down the left hand side of the page.  The narrow width of the journaling makes an impact, but it doesn’t overpower the rest of the layout.

My final pick for tonight is an awesome blend of photos with artsy elements.  In jcaruth910’s page, NYC Skyline, the blue sky in the photos really stood out in the gallery and that made me look at little closer. I love the doodled skyline which is placed over the other images and brushes. I’d love to see the layers here to figure out what’s what! The addition of the apple is a great nod to the “Big Apple”.

Well, dinner is calling, so I’d better get that finished so the boys don’t starve! Happy scrapping everyone, and don’t forget to leave some love in the galleries for these and other scrappers.  Until next time …

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  1. Thank you Katherine for mentioning my page. I really love how it turned out too, thanks for noticing! Means alot! ::heart::

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