I recall as a child how my brother who is quite a few years older than me used to light fireworks in the back garden for me – as I sat in the warmth and safety of our living room, watching in wonder at all the glorious colour through the window. I loved the pretty ones that ‘did their thing’ on the ground, unlike the rockets and bangers of which, I was terrified! I’m not sure Bonfire Night, Guy Fawkes, the Gunpowder Plot, or whatever, is marked here in the UK much these days, although there are some organised displays that I keep thinking would be worthwhile going along to, but somehow, I never get round to it and because our Great British weather is so unpredictable, it’s probably just as well. Today, instead of standing in the freezing cold, watching something go up in smoke, I decided I’d much rather take a wander through the galleries and take in all the colour and creativity there. And I certainly wasn’t disappointed!

EllenT’s Hello November provides a riot of seasonal colour. Repetition is often a sign of a great design and I love all the circles – with super shadowing – that work so beautifully together. Along with a great mix of elements that coordinate perfectly, this is a lovely eye catching page!


Staying with the seasonal colours for a moment, I was intrigued by Lor’s And a Girl page. Looking closer, I love the texture and depth to this layout, the gorgeous, rich colour combination and the mystery of the photo’s. A very striking page!


And just how fun is Dance in the Rain by josieteh?! I love, love, love those paint drips! Again, fabulous use of colour and texture here, a super fun photo and a lovely message in the title work. Totally cool!


I spend a lot of my time in the galleries, gazing at beautifully blended pages like Cool, Crisp Days by AngeBrands. The blending here is first class and I love the neutrals with the dark contrasting colour of the cluster, giving the page a moody look. The word art flows gracefully from the cluster and the shadowing makes me want to reach out and touch it! A stunning layout!


Another style for which I have much admiration is that of the mixed media look. I love the amount of detail that Traumelfe has included on A Quiet Place, without detracting from the pretty photo’s. Splashes of contrasting colour work perfectly with the neutral base here and the dashes of black really give this page a punch. Love this!


Moving on to a more delicate colour palette, My Sweet Cousin by readstoomuch is a gorgeous heritage page. Perfectly chosen elements in keeping with the heritage style add pretty detail and I love the page design with the photo nestled in the corner formed by the heart strip and the scalloped edge. The page is balanced beautifully with the masking at the top right and bottom left corners and simple journaling in an appropriate font and a little word art finish this page off beautifully. So pretty!


I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today. If you have a moment, please click on the links above and leave the artists a comment or two. Till next time, enjoy the rest of the weekend and take care. Bye, bye!

8 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – November 5th

  1. So many amazing creations, as always! I so look forward to your posts ladies; the inspiration is endless. Thank you so much for choosing one of mine Liz!

  2. Thanks so much Liz! I made this page for my wall calendar at home. So happy you liked it enough to showcase it here with all these other beauties.

  3. What a wonderful words about my page ….. great compliment from you Liz…Thank you so very much for choosing this page.

    Congrats Girls

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