Hello everybody, and happy Sunday! There is no denying it is autumn and it’s going to be Halloween soon, the galleries definitely reflect that! So I have a mix of that today, wrapped together with some love to pack it as a gift to you! Oh my that sounds poetic doesn’t it? Well let’s see what I found for you today in the galleries!

October Medley by SharLamb

I love a work of art like this! A page without photo’s that looks very interesting because of the textures and the colors and the design. You can almost feel that texture as you want to go over it with your fingers. Awesome in every way!


Rainbow Bee-Eaters by Amson

Another great page! I love the beautiful bird photo’s and the colors! But it’s the total package that grabbed me! Love the design and layering and placement of the elements and the fantastic shadow work! Wonderful are the paint and stars too!


2014-Kim-Day-of-the-Dead by Iowan

What a fantastic Halloween page! There is so much to look at in this ”horrible” scene! But it’s not overdone and still great to look at! The eye follows a wonderful path over the layout, and I can look at it for a while with pleasure! Great job!


LO1 by lauser

What an adorable and beautiful page! Love the mix of stamps and paints with the elements that pop! Full of fun and happiness! Really stands out in the gallery!


Sunshine Farms – 2016 by bbe

This page really makes me want to decorate my house with some pumpkins now! What a fantastic design and layering! I absolutely adore the beautiful brushwork here and those cute buttons that she placed! A real standout for me!


Time Out by tracermajig

Too cute and awesome for words! I love everything in this page! But especially the heart topped with the explosion of fun elements, and the journaling shape. Wow! And really love that she and DH got an evening out and she documented that!


This will be all from me today! I hope you enjoy these, as usual, you can get to the original gallery by clicking on the links, we all know how a sweet comment can make our day, and these ladies most certainly deserve them!!! Have a great Sunday and new week!!! See you next time! Happy scrapping!


10 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – October 16th

  1. Thanks so much Margie for choosing my page; it really means a lot to me to be included with these great layouts. I was so happy when our little gal from South Africa walked out with that fabulous day of the dead make up on, very scrapable indeed.

  2. Margje, I’m late to leave a note, but I wanted to thank you for choosing my Sunshine Farms page as a GSO. It is so appreciated!

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