Hello everyone! Jeanine here on the last day of my 56th year. I have a busy day ahead of me  so I’ll keep it short I think ;). You know I always love all the picks I choose, so if my comment is a little short, it is because it is 01.30 am over here and I have to get some sleep before the party starts!

Wrinkles by rarou47 As a fan of Sylvie, I could not let this one out of my choices. A beautiful AJ page about aging. No need to botox the signs of time and let’s please stay natural and not want to have the appearance of a twenty year old if our age says we’re more than 20 years older. Beauty is inside of us, not on the outside. Love this one!


16-09-04 Smile by zizazzi Beautiful B&W pictures, wonderful treatment and funny done too! It looks like the boy wants to eat the pictures floating towards his mouth. I love it! Gorgeous pages!


West Texas Snow Day by Spacecadetswife Ohh…I love this picture! As a snowlover I can’t wait till the first snow will fall this winter! Keeping this page pretty clean draws the attention to the little boy who clearly is enjoying the snow and who has a lot of fun playing in it! Love the titlework and clean overall approach!


Vienna by Angel Jet Wonderful blending here and I love the buildings Friedensreich Hundertwasser made, they are so organic, elegant and colorful! Love the map as a background and the big cicle where it all happens!


Scrap Fever by sucali A lovely, sweet and girly C&S page. Love how Sucali kept this one pretty clean and focus on what the girl is doing. Lovely choice of colors too!


mirror mirror by Adryane Yes, I already hoped no one of my blogger colleagues before me would have picked this page! This is ART, a pictureless avatar and still a face! It is sooo creative and wonderful done!! I keep looking at it! BEAUTIFUL!!!


These are my choices ladies and gentlemen and now I’m off to my bed! Have a great day tomorrow! Love you!

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