Hi everyone!  After a day full of running errands, I’m happy to be here while I wait for dinner to cook. Feels good to sit down for a while – and even better, to look through the galleries and see how creative everyone’s been in the past 24 hours or so. Let’s get started!

Today’s first page is intriguing to me. No title, no journaling, but an awesome collage of autumnal colors and seemingly random elements.  In sbpoet’s page, Mysteries, there is certainly an air of mystery about the items chosen and how they all go together – and yet, at the same time, they really have very little in common. Although a simple grid-style design, this appears to be much more complex with textures and overlays added that given an old-world feel to the page. The small paint splatters, the way the flower brush spills over into the surrounding squares … love it. I would so enjoy seeing this on canvas hung on a wall!

Changing things up a bit, Just Imagine from y-baros is a great art journal-style page.  Bright, cheerful colors echo the feeling of imagining all the possibilities that are within our fingertips. The blending of artsy scribbles with paint and even small hints of lace is just so fun. I love how there’s something to look at on every inch of the page, and how some embellishments are more layered than others, creating an edge border around the layout. Great choice to add the large white swatch in the middle so that the title has a place to “sit” and stand out.

The design sensibilities in chickypow’s page, October is Rad!, caught my eye right away. I love the choice of minimizing the element grouping and just utilizing two corners of the layout. This creates a great diagonal flow to the page (and I love the white space it creates, too). The use of the textured and almost slightly wrinkled kraft paper for the background adds additional interest, and the somewhat neutral color palette allows the pink jackets in the photo to really pop.

Candid photos that capture the “real” you or your family can often provoke some of the best feelings – a smile, a laugh … and this layout certainly had me giggling. As a parent of a child who constantly pulls silly faces for the camera, even in his [now] early 20’s, I can relate to ~jak’s layout, My Kinda Crazy.  The photo is hilarious, but even more, I love the frantic feeling of all the scribbles and elements on this page. The little owls peeking out, paper strips, paint, flowers, stars – just about all the elements you could possibly think of!  What a great selfie that, I’m thinking, most likely captures what everyday family moments are for these three.

Angel by Cathrineblan is just … well, gorgeous in it’s blending and ethereal qualities. I would love to see this scrappers workspace, just to see how many layers there are here, all so carefully placed. The butterfly brush, the addition of the feathered wings, even the way the gold flowers mix to create a “skirt” almost like a mermaid on the figure. There’s a nice balance of dark and light, with the edges and borders being off-set by the light streaming through the window in the center of the page. Such a great fantasy-style page.

You’ve probably been wondering, “Where are the layouts with photos?!” … and I’ve been saving one of these just for this last spot for today – and not one or two photos, but six on this page!  Ren Fest by YupBrook is beautifully balanced with the large photo taking center stage on the layout, supported by several smaller pictures around the edges of the page.  Although the children are full of smiles, the journaling on Brook’s page reveals a “meh” kind of day at the renaissance fair – still fun, but some disappointing moments.  Kudos to her for scrapping not only the fun and awesome moments, but also recording the not-so-great (I’m a big believer in recording all of the everyday moments, not just the happy, rainbow and sunshine ones). Once again, I love the diagonal design that’s been achieved here. However, unlike the earlier page where only two corners of the page were used, here we have all four – photos on one diagonally-opposite set of corners, and journaling and title work on the other. Even with the large number of pictures here, the page still has ‘breathing room’.

Well, dinner is now ready, so I’d better get things wrapped up (before my boys starve! LOL). Hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today – and don’t forget to browse the galleries, yourself, and leave some love for pages that catch your eye, too.

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