I hope some of you are enjoying a little moderate weather where you live, not so oppressively hot or not too cold just yet. Where I live, the high was only 80 degrees today… which means that for part of the day it was in the 70’s. In Florida, that’s break out the sweaters time, people! So this fine Monday evening, I sit in my sweater and leggings perusing the digital galleries looking for inspiration. You never have to look too hard or too long before you have a list of gorgeous pages that say, “pick me!”

So I’ll get to sharing:

Oliver by golya


Love the horizontal pose in the photo used along with the stripes on the background paper combined with the directionality created using the arrows. The colorful paint and element choices really give it a playful feel. Such a beautiful trio of clusters!

Hello by Scrapapicture


BEAUTIFUL brushwork here! I love how it just pops on the dark brown background. Really like the eclectic mix of elements layered above and beneath, the small scale of the ellies as well as in the paper choices works perfectly to balance the large rectangle. Really nice color repetition here, too.

Enamored by AnikA


Awesome clarity in the photo. The picture itself tells you all you need to know about the story. I love the variation in the stamped and handwritten title, the use of the red & black paint along with that bold romantic pink. And the shadowing on the paper… nice!

Freiburg Intro by dwsewbiz


This is going to make a gorgeous vacation album! The combination of multiple photos blended into the background combined with the framed detail pictures allows her to use SO MANY on the page but it doesn’t feel cluttered. Using the blended parts as home to the journaling is a really smart use of white space.

SD Jaunt by MargelZ


Any page with an elephant requires a second look. I really like that she embraced the horizontal flow of the page and went with it in her choice of papers. I like the mix of fonts in the word art selections as well as in the journaling and titlework. And she really rocked the dramatic shadows!

Little Model by robinsismai


I’m going to have to find this child’s Instagram account. What a little cutie! Lovely feminine font choice for the expansive story (I always have to stop and read longer stories. If it’s important enough to tell a long story on a page, it’s bound to be an awesome story!) which works so well with the tucked and layered flowers. How fun would it be to have adorable photos like this to scrapbook all the time, right? Just beautiful!

I hope you’ve found some inspiration tonight! Click on through to one or two of these images and leave the scrapper a little love, won’t you!



2 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – October 24th

  1. Oh my I am so surprised and honored…thank you! Sometimes the galleries are full of wonderful artwork, but for me, scrapping is all about documenting my life, and my vacations. It means a lot to me to have this recognized…thank you again!

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