I’m glad to be back here with everyone after a wonderful trip with my husband. We went to Niagara Falls, Ontario, New York, New Hampshire and Vermont to experience this beautiful autumn season. The fall foliage was spectacular and I have a lot of photos waiting to be edited. It’s a rainy day where I live, perfect for perusing through the galleries and choosing six layouts for today’s Gallery Standouts. This is Jana and here are my picks.

Foxy Girl by anke


What an elegant, foxy selfie of her daughter! She is radiant! The added stars and glows Anke used makes this page sparkle even more. I love the paper inset on the left side with a few elements tucked in. The vertical branch over the photo is a perfect accent and then, that cute little fox…isn’t that just perfect! Take a look at the fox’s shadow…brilliant!

Broken by klee73010


This is a fabulous art journal page! There’s a lot going on but it all seems to work. Even though there is no real journaling, you can still sense the feeling that this page is about someone’s broken heart. I love the collage of layers, brush work, paint and also the black details, which serve to ground this inspiring piece. Title is perfect.

Winter Treat by audraj


This one really jumped out at me; partly because of the bright colors against the dark background and partly because of the unique image. I found it to be quite awesome! This page truly tells a story, even though there are no words. Love, love, love the beautiful brush work all around the bird and apple! It truly compliments this beautiful piece.

phare de Granville by Mamie lou lou 4


Isn’t this a striking page? It is quite simple, yet quite brilliant! The vertical title  along one half of the lighthouse is such an effective design element and the font work is stunning. The solid, neutral paper provides the perfect backdrop for her art. Wow!

October Frost by bbe


I was drawn to this page because of the different photo of fall leaves. It is not the typical red, gold and orange of autumn that we are used to seeing. I love the frosty leaves and the neutral layers work beautifully with them. The blended background papers are full of textures and the all caps word art at the very bottom is very striking. She placed literally every element horizontally across the page and every single one highlights the photo. Gorgeous page!

Life-is-W by TrishD


Is this not absolutely stunning? The photo is gorgeous and it is framed beautifully with brushes. Very cool! The black and white dimensional flowers really pop and are graced with outline of leaves and a branch behind them. I love the touch of pink with the little hearts and the title and of course, the bow completes this layout.

I hope you enjoyed my picks today and maybe got inspired to create some layouts of your own. I also hope you take a minute or two to leave some love for some of these artists. Links are provided. Have a wonderful rest of the week and I’ll be back again soon.

8 thoughts on “Finger Pointing-October 26

  1. Thank you for choosing my page for GSO Jana, it is always a buzz to get the Finger Pointing notice in my inbox to see my page among all the other fantastic pages you have chosen


  2. Awwww, thanks for choosing my page, Jana!
    So glad to know my “dark side” can still be inspiration to others to scrap their feelings… even the bad ones!

  3. Jana, I was so happy to see my October Frost page included in today’s GSO’s. Thank you, much appreciated! I like that you picked up on the brown leaves. It’s so interesting to watch spring green leaves morph to gold, oranges and reds and finally browns. It’s one of the best parts of living in a 4 season climate.

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