Hi Everyone! I’m posting a little earlier than usual today because the next game in the World Series begins in a couple of hours. Our home team is playing so I will be glued to the TV tonight. GO CUBS GO! Luckily, it’s Saturday and I have lots of time to visit the galleries. Let’s go ahead and see what I have for you today.

Fear of the Dark by MiekSter

I thought I’d start out with a Halloween layout. After all, Halloween is only 2 days away! This one grabbed my attention because it is not your typical Halloween theme. By that I mean it’s not orange, black, purple, green, witches, pumpkins, etc. Take a look at the basically black & white page. It is a super collage of papers, brush work and a fun black & white photo. The skeleton and skull masks fit right in and the simple word art is all this really needs. Great non-traditional Halloween standout!


Pumpkins Glowing by zlemon

OOHHHHH, love these glowing pumpkins! I think zlemon did an outstanding job working so many light glows on her page! The purple, cloudy background is the perfect for these colors and glows. What a brilliant (no pun intended) idea to light up these stitched pumpkins as well as the moon and bats. The title is perfect and very creative…the word “pumpkins” isn’t even there. Super bright standout!


DEEP THOUGHTS by wombat146

What a gorgeous page this is! I am intrigued and love the feeling of wondering what this woman is really thinking about and why she might be so melancholy. My mind could wander in several directions here. The blending is fabulous and so are the colors and textures! I think it’s a safe bet that this artist applied multiple blending modes to create visual interest. If you haven’t tried this technique, you might want to see what effects you can achieve. As I keep looking at this, I find more interesting elements that are woven into this piece. What are your thoughts? Thought provoking standout!


pumpkin shoot 16 by kathie02

Yes, it’s another pumpkin page but after all, it is still October! I think kathie02 created an amazing layout here. I love the blended, full-page photo! The rustic woodgrain background combined with the paint splats truly make this an artsy layout. The splash of purple flowers mixed in with the pumpkin colors really pops too. The special feature though, has to be how she framed just part of the photo and kept it at 100% opacity to draw the eye in. The word art truly compliments this piece as well. I would totally enlarge this and display it on an easel for all to enjoy!


1031 by jcaruth910

I hope you’re not on overload with so many seasonal pages, but I just couldn’t resist this next one! I’m a huge fan of this artist and her creativity! The date of Halloween used as an a house number on the building is so very clever. This really makes me think of haunted houses and scary things, such as that giant spider, yet cute little pumpkins sit at the bottom. Not so scary after all. The blending is simply amazing and I love the bits of text with lowered opacity on the background. Her colors and lighting are gorgeous too! A haunting standout!


Country Roads by helenedubois

So I leave you today with this beautiful, artsy page! Don’t you just love the photo treatment? Adding so much color to this vintage truck is just wild and fabulous! The green button and the stitching on the spill frame are such cute little touches. My favorite part though, is the watercolor look of the whole piece. Everything from the paper texture, to the colors to the painterly brush work…simply gorgeous! With so much artistry here, the simple swirl and title are perfect and they don’t distract from the focal point. A watery, colorful standout!


It’s almost game time so will leave you for now. Enjoy these standouts and artists and I hope you get inspired! Happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate and I’ll see you in the galleries. I know you already know this, but if there is a layout here you really love, please take a minute and leave some lovin’ for the artist(s). I know that is always appreciated. Just click on the highlighted title links. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Finger Pointing-October 29th

  1. Thank your selecting a layout of mine and for your very kind comments as well Jana! xxx Congrats everyone, always love seeing all the inspirational layouts!

  2. Thanks so much, Jana for choosing my page and for your lovely comments. It’s an honor to be included with such beautiful work…congrats everyone!

  3. Thanks for selecting my pumpkin art! What a lovely compliment, especially from another artsy girl. And I’m in very good company too.

    Plus my heart is sad about the Cubs loss too. I grew up in Cubs family. But there’s still hope, right?

    1. You’re so welcome! Very sad about their losses too……yes, there is still hope for tonight but it’s fading. But hey, they made it to the World Series!

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