Hello everyone, here I am on this cold Octobernight with six wonderful pages I just picked. I am at work, so I’ll try to keep it short again. I never know if one of the kids needs me and that might be in the middle of typing my post, so I want to finish this one quickly!

Always by hsarge Being in a natural surrounding is always a good thing for a person. I adore the pictures hsarge made doing her misty morning walks. Love the little note with facts in the middle and love how almost every picture has a wordart or some words on it. Beautiful done!


NBK Design Art Challenge by Secima How colorful and sweet can it be? Love the artsy approach here, this autumn page in non autumn colors! Look at all the little leaves falling and take an even closer look at the hair of the lady. It is build up using scribbles, elements, paint and all kinds of scrapthingies. I love!!!


Halloween Traditions by KimR+ You won’t see a lot C&S Halloween pages I think, but here I found one and I adore it! Love the traditional Halloween colors, they work so well together! Love how Kim stacked all the different patterns, pages, branches , ellies and ephemera to an eyecatching memorie page with the families 5 Halloween traditions. Great and fun page!


Night of Horrors by Artsie Oh WOW, this could be a movieposter for a very scary horrormovie! Wonderful blendwork here and I certainly wouldn’t go there, that castle looks so haunted! Love the spiderweb at the top and bottom! Gorgeous page!


Like a graffiti by P’tiscrap Great picture treatment here, wonderful use of the letters, I love them this size! Love the little touches of red. A beautiful memory you have here! This could definitly be a wallhanger!


Make a way by mimisgirl Being afaid is not a nice feeling and I think mimisgirl did a great job here expressing how she copes with that. Strong and dtermined to find a way! Love the map background and the rays of sunlightin the upper left corner. Love the birds flying over the ocean and for sure love the little compass and other ellies around the picture.


These were my picks for today, I hope you like them as much as I do! Wishing you a wonderful Thursday! See you next time!

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