It’s the calm after the storm here in Central Florida. I know others in areas more north are still dealing with the aftereffects of Hurricane Matthew. I hope that you and yours are safe and the return to normalcy is quick. I spent a few hours making my rounds through some of the digital galleries to find a few layouts that you might love.

Let me show you:

Need for Speed by icindi

Need for Speed by icindi

An important rite of passage to document. I like the mixed font/alpha title, the shadowing and the circle background echoes the steering wheel of a new driver. It’s a lovely color palette for a masculine page. And who says you can’t use flowers on boy pages? Masterfully done.

Shuvani Dancers by Amanda.c

Shuvani Dancers by AmandaC

Beautiful page design flowing from the top of the page to the bottom with the paint, journaling and falling leaves leading the way. The paint adds such a feminine touch to go with that gorgeous photo but it also brings home the idea of a cultural art event. I also really like the idea of the diagonal flow of the journaling from the left to the right.

Free by AnikA

Free by AnikA

She’s created a very ethereal feeling here with the brushwork allowing the photo to peek through, the soft blur of the photo background. The mix of tiny flowers with their perfect little shadows, the clock to imply looking forward and the photo looking back all create such a beautiful page here.

Fear the Handsome by SeattleSheri

Fear the Handsome by SeattleSheri

You gotta love an off-theme page but some are harder to achieve than others! Sheri is a master of clustering, all the little bits tucked here and there, layered on top of each other, it’s just perfection!

Love You by y_baros


I love the mix of patterns and scale, the bright and happy color palette. Pastels are a refreshing change from the fall colors that we’re seeing in the galleries these days. I like the contrast of horizontal and vertical in the page design and paper choices and in the two title work pieces. Great use of visual triangles (you don’t see them until you go looking)!

Just A Little by maiagarri


This digi page looks SO much like a paper one! I like the specific touches used to add to its realism with the warped tag shadows and the paint erasing. It has such a clean and minimal look with the neutral papers and elements letting the photos shine through. Lovely!

I hope you’ve found my picks inspiring today! Click on over and show the scrappers a little love, won’t you!

4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – October 9th

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my page, I’m super duper flattered! You made my day! … and congrats to the others who were also featured. Fabulous pages.

  2. oh wow what a surprise, I made this layout only because it was this typical sunday boring time. All the more I´m happy

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