Hello everyone! After a pretty lazy day, making some phonecalls, shop for groceries, cooking a meal for me, my youngest son and a friend, watching TV (the news, House and CSI) it finally was time to dive into the galleries to find you some inspiration and eye candy and boy did I find some beautiful pages! Basically they are about heading to fall and the cosy time ahead of us. About being more inside and attending hobbies we mostly don’t practice in the summer. Let’s see what I’ve got for you!

Keep It Simple by Vrielinkie One of the hobby pages is this one by Vrielinkie, she is cross stitching! It brought back memories because I used to do that long time ago when my boys were still toddlers. I love how she kept the page simple and used it as a title too. Love all the little details that hold the frames and still keep the page pretty clean. Beautiful!


September by beaute Ahhhh, this is so gorgeous! Love all the lovely yellows and the paint dabs and strokes. Wonderful fall wordart supports the elements, picture and paint. A great artsy page, a favorite!


Halloween by Sokee From the moment her daughters left home Sokee sends them every week a card and this week she started making Halloween cards as the girls love Halloween very much. Isn’t that a great way to stay connected to your children and a great hobby too? Sending them cards every week! I love it! And I love how these cards turned out, I’m sure the girls will love them! Great hybrid project!


What Do You See by Miki Ohhh, another wonderful artsy fall page! Love the colors here and the picture makes me very curious of what they are looking at. The blending is great, the colors almost seem to be a part of the persons. I love this one too!!!


Sunflower Fields by katie pertiet I love sunflowers and although they bloom in summer over here in Holland, maybe they bloom in the fall where Katie is. Great pictures and I adore the drawn sunflowers in the background! They are gorgeous!! The wordart in circles support the shape of the sunflowers perfectly well!


Peace by AnikA68 I finish with this amazing page wich has a great message and wish for us all, ‘Let us have peace!’ Yes, I want peace too, although I believe we will never have peace everywhere. There will always be war somewhere on our earth, because not all people can let it be and live a peaceful life. Unfortunately. But nevertheless AnikA did a great job on this page blending the picture perfect with the papers and stamps and focus on the peace sign.


These were my picks for today! I hope you like them and as always I ask you to leave some love for the artists if you visit the galleries. Have a great Thursday!

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