Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well! Over here in Holland it was a lovely day with a lot of sunshine and a little rain every now and then. The leaves whirled from the trees like it was snowing, a beautiful fall day it was! And I was looking for some eyecandy in the galleries and I found some beauties to inspire you!

Create a masterpiece by cfile This page wanted to be picked because of the bold set-up and happy colors. Love the letters of the title and composition here and all the details like the stitches, the lovely owl, the paintbrush and paint and the splatters.


Dare smile by P’tiscrap A beautiful large photo page, love all the words and the bokeh over the picture. The choice for black and white lets her eyes speak more I think, I love it!


Fr_bitz_ by ren A great layout telling a whole story in my imagination. Maybe the boy is living on his own now, looking over the city he’s living in now, or he’s on a vacation or on a trip and he climbed a tower. there’s so much to see here! Love all the brushwork and the messyness of the page. Love the B&W approach with the touches of red here and there. Wonderful!


Living the Dream by Ellen Ohh…such a dreamy page, so lovely!! Everything is beautiful and right on this one, he blending, the colors, the placement of the title, the wordart…it all comes together perfect in a real standout!


La Tour Eiffel by Dady I’ve been to Paris several times and this is a stunning page of the Eiffeltower! The picture itself is wonderful with the trees in the foreground. Great blending too. Love the frame and the color change of the picture in it and love also the song Paris s’éveille (Paris awakes) wich can be found here.


Make the Magic by Applechick One last Halloween page I’ll pick this year I think, but what a piece of ART this is! Wonderful composition, great textures and perfect blending. And what a cute and innocent girl. I love everything about this page!


These are my picks for tonight, I hope you love them as much as I do! Wishing you a beautiful end of the day!

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