Evening everyone.  Well, it’s certainly been an interesting 24 hours in the U.S., but I’ve kept myself buried in the digital galleries looking at all the inspiration – well, that and kind of working on a layout of my own at the same time. Multi-tasking! Don’t you love how browsing galleries can spur on your own mojo?  I do.  Let’s see what I found today.

Starting out today’s picks is Darling by melscrap.  I love the choice here of the blue, brown and greys – so soft. The processing on the photo, too, echoes that same softness, as does the whisper of shadowing on the layout. I am drawn into the photo, wondering what is going on in this little girl’s mind – she seems so far away, deep in thought. From a technical standpoint, nice job on the stamped title with the gap in the stamp from the edges of the patterned paper, a detail sometimes overlooked by scrappers.

As we approach Veterans Day on Friday, Remember by taxed4ever (Trudy) tugged at my heart strings, being a child of a Veteran now lost to me. I love how Trudy was able to mask and blend together so many photos to create the collage at the top of the page. The pop of red from the poppies is a great touch. And the addition of the tree? That reminds me of the tree of life.

At first I thought Cristina’s layout, Day in the Life, was based on a template, but nope.  This is simply a piece of digi scrapping paper – what a clever way to utilize the pattern on the paper to its full advantage!  With spaces filled with smaller photos, Cristina has been able to give us a little snapshot into her day using minimal elements and really just letting her story be told. The painted leaves hint towards the Fall season … but oh my, snow already where she lives? Um, no thank you!

This next layout, My Glove by britgirl, had me laughing so hard. I promise I was laughing with britgirl, not at her, because I’ve seen that face many a time with my own dog, the “I don’t know what you’re talking about – what glove??” kind of look.  Winnie, the dog in the picture, seems totally clueless and oblivious to the glove hanging from her mouth. I love the use of the arrow to connect you from “Hey!” to “that’s my glove!”  The use of the brushes and stamps on the background are nice, too, echoing the outdoorsy environment where the pup was obviously caught in the act.  On this page, a single photo tells the story.
Fly by Scrapmemories (Lorraine) takes things in a totally different direction and this is one of the reasons I love digital scrapbooking: the ability to create art. With the addition of just a few elements, like the stitching, and stamped lace, Lorraine has created page that is seemingly full of texture. I love the large butterfly placed over the face, and the every so slight shadow that’s been applied, giving it the appearance of having just landed right there. The brushes that surround the face help frame it, mimicking hair, and yet, those piercing eyes still shine through. Love.

Rounding out today’s picks is a happy, bright and cheerful layout, Sparkle Plenty by Roboliver. What caught my eye here was not only the somewhat monochromatic color choice (and a bright one, at that!), but the angled papers. Had they been vertically placed behind the photo, for example, the page would have had a different “feel” about it. Great photo – and the black and white processing was a good choice and helped it stand out against all the pink. I tend to struggle with titles and where to place them, but here, the use of a transparent alpha, and placing it right on top of the photo, was a great choice – enough to let us know what the page is about, but not so much or so big that it distracts from that cutie in the picture.

Well, that’s it for today.  As we look towards Veterans Day in just a few days, please remember to thank those who have served, or who are currently serving, in any branch of the military.  Dinner is calling – got to go.  Until next time, happy scrapping!

2 thoughts on “Fingerpointing – November 9th

  1. I am touched to acknowledged with these amazing scrappers!! What an honour!! This is a page close to my heart as my Father is amongst these wonderfully brave men!!

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