Good morning everyone! I can’t believe I’m sitting here typing this in the middle of October and it is supposed to be 28 degrees C today here in Ontario!! It’s basically a miracle. The weather sure has the trees and bugs fooled. My poor plants don’t know whether to bloom or die. It’s so unusual. I am hoping this weather stays until Halloween, but unfortunately, I know that is not going to happen. Once the cold weather comes, I will be happily burrowed down in front of my new wood stove and scouring the galleries for talent like my picks today.

My picks all have a bit of the same theme. Paint. I love paint. I love spatters. I love those who can use them in interesting and original ways on their layouts. These 6 layouts have used paint in amazing ways and they are incredible.
I’m Trace and here are my standouts for today:


This art journal layout is so cool. Anny-Libelle does a fantastic job here with paint. I love how she blended the papers into the paint and all the little doodles just make it all that more special. The blends here are flawless and so interesting to the eye. I don’t know where to look first, it’s all so eye catching. I would hang this in an ad agency or something. It’s just awesome.

Next, the use of the paint here by Beckturn makes the page look like it’s spackled with textures. I love the simple title and the blend of the amazing photo is also as spectacular. I love how she mixed the scripts into the paints and the effect of the crumpled paper background. The photo treatment makes me think of vintage drawings and a simpler time in life and it makes me happy.


I had to look twice at this layout by caroline scrap. At first glance, I thought “what a great use of the black background on this soft layout” but then when I had a closer look, it’s actually a HALLOWEEN layout! Fantastic!!! I love the blend of the girl in the back, it’s so subtle and effective. I love the amazing way she clustered around the photo. I love the dark, sinister feel to this but it’s so beautiful and calm. It’s just a winner!


Just a smattering of paint on this layout by louso , but it’s so well done. I am in awe of how much stuff is behind the beautiful photos but how clean and simple it still is. The paint spatters are just a touch of whimsy which makes you want a closer look.  I love the stitches, the strings, and the beads. I adore the black and white photos and the angles captured. The blended typed paper is incredible and the use of white space is genius. This layout makes me want to go get my photoshop open and play with all the strings and stitches I have!


Isn’t this clustering amazing? This layout by sweeet is so pretty. The use of the paint as the frame around the layout is a really cool effect and her clusters are out of this world great. I love how the paint blends into the blended photo (which is also great) and how it’s dripping from behind the end of the cluster to draw your eye to the quote. I’m not usually drawn to pastel colours, but this layout is just so well done that it drew me in from hello. Perfection!


My last pick of the day is this fun layout by Veer. So simple, yet so complex in how she achieved the look. The paint spatters in the back are super! I love how the glitter is used but it still looks masculine on this layout. I love the look on the subject’s face in the photo. It just adds to the brilliance. I am in awe of how little there is on this page, but it seems so packed with things in a great way!! I try to do simple like this and never can get it right. Veer got it very right indeed!


So those are my picks for today. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Make sure to click on them and leave the wonderful artists some love. As always, happy scrapping!


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