Hi everyone! It is a very cool morning here in Ontario and I feel the chill coming on each night. It’s officially fall and I couldn’t be happier! October is my favourite month and one reason is it makes for fantastic photo ops. Pumpkins are ripe and leaves are vibrant in their colours. Corn is starting to die off and the stalks are so interesting to use as backdrops. I love taking my kids out to the patch this time of year and just shooting some amazing photos of them. I always do a fall photo shoot each year and it’s always a wonderful tradition.

So today, my layouts have a theme. OUTSTANDING photography!

I’m Trace and these are my picks for GSO.

When I saw this layout I Love Your Smile in the gallery I literally gasped. Anne PC captured this beautiful little boy’s smile and his gorgeous eyes perfectly. His expression drew me in at first glance and I want to get to know him. The details in the photo are wonderfully done and I love that she kept the layout super simple and graphic to show off this amazing photo. Such a great layout.


This layout by Breaking Brie is another example of a wonderfully done photo. I love a great big photo, but this one stands out because of the perception of it. Behind photos are great, but this one says so much. It shows Brie’s girls and while twins, it shows how different they are. Their choice of dress and their postures are so unique yet they walk the same. You see the bond they have in one shot. It’s incredible. The clusters around the page that are placed just so right, draw your eye right into the center of the photo. The quote is perfect and the layering of the background papers is fantastic. What a standout!


This layout caught my attention immediately. The grungy, industrial looking background intrigued me and I had to take a closer look. This is a new layout artist to me but WOW, fauvenanmaanen sure does do great work. Even though this photo is not one large one, it still has that large photo feel with the two beside each other. Again a backwards/behind perspective that tells the story so well! I love the rusted elements and all the aged items here. I am sure we will be seeing more of this lady on our blog in the future.


I chose this next layout not only for the wonderful photo, but for the blending and the photo treatment itself. I love how the photo looks like fabric. I love the expression on this boy’s face! He is trying hard not to smile, but wants to appear non plussed and like he doesn’t care. Typical boy! LOL. Momto2Angels has done an awesome job with the photo but also with the clusters. I really like the placement of them on each side of the square and I love how she wove the title into the bottom cluster. Shadowing is fantastic too! Just an all around “make me smile” layout. Well done.


One of my favourite layout artists is this lady, Oldenmeade. She is an outstanding graphic, art journal scrapper. I love her use of textures on her layouts and the way she blends. This layout is a fine example of her immense talent. The photo is not only awesome, but so interesting and I adore how Anne matched the textures of the paints to the sides of the buildings. It’s genius! I love the paint splatters and how the strings and the doodles totally give off a feel of disorder and randomness. This layout could be the cover of a book or magazine. I just love it.


Lastly, this layout by  Weaselwatcher just made me laugh. The big photo of her cat is gorgeous and captures it’s personality to a tee. I love that it looks like the cat is looking at the leaf in her cluster and seems to be saying “I could grab that right off this page!” I love the placement of the big cluster, but it doesn’t overwhelm the photo. The title says it all. Just a fantastic large photo layout and beautiful subject.

Aimee Harrison Little Bit Fruity CVW_SupplyTracker E paper Heartstrings Scrap Art Making memories 4 Heartstrings Scrap Art Making memories 5 L paper LOVE YOU LOVE YOU's Drop Shadow Layer 10 Layer 10 copy Layer 12 Layer 13 Layer 14 Layer 15 Layer 16 Layer 17 Layer 18 Layer 19 Layer 2 Layer 21 Layer 22 Layer 23 Layer 23 copy Layer 24 Layer 25 Layer 26 Layer 27 Layer 28 Layer 29 Layer 29 copy Layer 3 Layer 4 Layer 5 Layer 6 Layer 7 Layer 8 Layer 9 O paper O paper Paint Paint Paint Paper Paper Paper's Drop Shadow U clip paper V paper Y paper staple staple staple staple staple staple staple

Well, these are my picks for today. I hope you enjoyed seeing them and don’t forget to click on the names and put some love in their galleries! Until next time…keep scrapping!


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  1. Wow – thanks Trace – a lovely surprise to wake up to. And congrats to the other ladies featured today – your pages are amazing!!

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