Hello scrappers! Happy Tuesday! It’s SPRING! I am so glad to be posting today as it’s been awhile. I had a lot of fun looking in the galleries as always. There is so much inspiration in them, that it’s easy to get lost for hours looking at the wonder that is digital scrapping. I am always so amazed at how talented people are with a computer. I love to see new and innovative ways to use the product and today didn’t disappoint me. I also have thing for large photos and once again, I was not disappointed. Without further ado, here are my picks for outstanding layouts for today.

This layout by Audrey* jumped right out of the gallery at me. First of all, lets talk about the GORGEOUS photo of this little girl. Just stunning. The way she blended it into the newsprint is awesome. I love the butterflies all around some blended, some not. It’s so simple, yet so effective and I just love it.


I’m not usually one to go the abstract look, but this layout by JeanGriff14 totally intrigued me and I had to look closer. I love the steampunk feel to this layout. I love all the different characters within it. I love the depth and the overall grunge to it. It looks like a poster for an anime movie! I thought it was fantastic. I want to know more and see more.

The photo in this layout by Marylynne is absolutely beautiful. The blend is perfect and she chose the most complimentary background paper to go with it. The simple title says it all. No other journaling needed. I love the simplicity of it, yet it packs a huge punch. The little scribbles and paint spots at the bottom just add to the wonderful composition. Just beautiful..

I want to know more about this little girl and what she’s up to. I love the perspective of the photo. Myssp made a gorgeous layout here. The elements placed perfectly to enhance the eye to the photo and the beautiful script brushes in the background just add to the beauty of this layout. The blending is great and the lighting is spot on. What a stunning layout.

This layout by BlackKathy is superb. I love the depth of field of the background photo and how it ties into the theme so perfectly. I love the raffia around the focal photo of the bike. I love the title superimposed onto the journaling. I love the texture of the background paper. I love it all! LOL….this is a beautifully executed layout.

And, finally, This layout by Ozegirl blew me away. The filter on that photo is absolutely amazing. I love the red colour she chose, it just pops right off the page. The title placement is brilliant and I love how she repeated the photo in the corner with a frame to offset it. The little heart paper is so great with the blending. I just love this.

That’s all for me today. Don’t forget to click on the artist’s names to leave some love for these amazing layouts. As always, keep on scrapping! I love seeing all the layouts in the galleries.


3 thoughts on “Fingerpointing – March 21st

  1. Trace; Thank you so much for including my LO in this post – what a lovely, lovely surprise, I was just browsing the gallery for today, and I was shocked when I scrolled down upon mine – You made my DAY!!!! What a fabulous selection for today 😉

    Thanks so much
    RAchael – myssp

  2. What a wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning. Thank you so much for adding my LO to the stunning pages. They are all so different and it was a delight to scroll through and admire each one. Thank you so very much.

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