Hello and happy Monday! I hope you all had a great start to your week. This is a post of similarities and differences! Come take a look at what I found in the galleries today, I know you will be amazed!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

fierce by Miekster

I love the simple style of this, mainly because I know those were not simple decisions that contributed to the design. It feels like all of the lines were carefully drawn in this artist’s mind as she put this together, and its linear composition really appealed to me. The gray and blue combination is so soothing. Love the popped out word strips, and the copper colored wire title, with the matching paper clip! And, of course, loved the sentiment.

dance is a way of life by Twinsmomflor

I love how this page combines those great big doodly trees with the sketchy photo, and makes it look like it is part of the pretty, artsy painted background. This is everything fun and great about digital, it’s like a dream ballerina come to life! The text print border with the paint drips grounds the whole thing nicely.

Life’s a Climb by TrishD

This page also embraces that sketch style, but with a completely different look. I love the staggered big bold outlined word art. The sketch style has a cool transition into reality as the person on the left walks into our focus. I stared at this one for a while, which is always fun when the page is so engaging you want to keep looking at it. The title work with its offset lines gives this some interesting dimension too, and the affirmation phrase in the title made me smile.

true beauty by tkradtke

This page made me stop and go back to the first couple of picks of this post and say, hey, doesn’t this look like all the best bits of those pages put together in a whole new way? So naturally it gets a nod as a standout, because nothing in life is really a coincidence! And it’s a reminder that great designs can be similar to other great designs, and yet be different and lovely all on their own. I love the soothing use of white space, the pretty, big flowers, the great colors, and the grounding edgework. But the best part of this page is the little sprite in the photo. So stinkin’ cute! I love the capture of that photo, it is so special.

room to grow by tammybean04

Oh look at this one! I absolutely love that paint overlay creating all that great extra white space for the doodly bits! The orange, aqua and grey combination is so beautiful and just pops out of the gallery! Here again we have a very candid, un-posed photo, and when you can grab one of those, they are just the best, aren’t they? I like that ruler and flower element top left, and the grey stripey border paper.

sunset by lego

Well that got a wow out of me, so I knew it was going to be a standout! I really love a good full page photo, and this one is amazing. Elisabeth used a wonderful combination of travel elements down the side of the page to convey the adventure of the page. The perspective using the silhouettes of the photo is really evocative and makes me want to head out to the beach!

That’s it for me on this beautiful April Monday! I hope you all enjoyed today’s picks too. If so, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some well-deserved praise! Have a great week!


4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – April 10th

  1. Thank you for choosing my page Liz and your comments were exactly as I tried to interpret the story of the image and the big bold Word Art

  2. Oh wow!! Thank you so much for selecting my page! Such a great surprise to start my morning!!

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