Hello hello again!!!! Hope everyone had a great Easter/Passover and you are all well and enjoying your Saturday. I am a bit late posting as I fell asleep last night thinking I would (as it happens) wake up in the middle of the night and post, but ended up waking up almost 9am, so I will try be a bit less “chatty” that I am usually (can’t promise it will happen though LOL) I have found so many jewels in the galleries from yesterday’s posts, that honestly, my heart is breaking for the 25 or so tabs I had to leave behind, but hope you enjoy and get inspired by these as much as I do. Don’t forget you can click on the LO name and author high- lit to get to their original galleries, please leave a bit of love for these awesome artists, we all know how much it can make a difference!!!!

To start with, an amazingly awesome page, Adventure by the always awesome EllenT.  I feel sometimes with her that I run out of words and get repetitive, I would love to be present like a fly on the wall (or by her side in the computer) to see how her mind works to get these awesome ideas. Every inch of this page is a master piece, from the perfection of the blend to the perfection of the kind of triangulated composition for the clusters, the perfection she achieves on using almost every element and doodle to work in perfect harmony and still present a clean look, and the addition of the beautifully composed tittle work with the touch of those stitches… my heart sings and dance with this woman!!!

Now, we usually follow the common sense here of not picking pages made with the same products, but only some of the stuff Ellen used in her page is used in this also mind blowing page, 2013 Paris- So the Adventure Begins by another incredibly awesome, superb artist that is Iowan. She is another one I would love to be sitting by when scrapping, her memory keeping pairs in excellence with her artful mind and the result is her pages always catch my heart and  can be here for hours telling you how much I love her. This one has the extra special that she scrapped a photo of herself too, love seeing her showing up in her pages, and the way all works here is like a beautiful, complex in the most amazing way music piece. I am even more amazed when I read her credits list and I see is a template interpretation, she managed to make a gorgeous mixture of textures, the brushes and word strips, scraps of paper and the metal word art in sync with the big sticker world element, as I said, I can be hours here finding more amazing praise for the page…this is just pure genius, absolute delight, another superb master piece!!!!!!

From the master pieces on full page I am going to take you to the other end of the spectrum with one of the Blank Space Queens of mine, the wonderfully talented KarenB for the Journaling Challenge -April 2017.  I am sure I have mentioned before how much I respect and admire the elegance and so much talent she shows with each & every page, I know by experience that making a blank space, clean & simple page that makes an impact is way, way more difficult then filling the whole page…  not everyone possess the talent to make something like this shine, but she definitely, totally does. Her photography is always eye catching, the depth of field and the colors which she has here made to pop from the photograph and be part of the composition with the delicate scribbles/doodles and the delicate and perfectly composed tittle with the little clusters, the mind blowing framing , the splatters base and the adding of the text and those oh my w0w shadows….  what else can I say? my heart beats to the sound of some music that comes out of this perfection!!!!

Now this next page, Spring by JillW, I have to confess I had bookmarked when I saw it earlier in the week as I knew I had to share it with you all. I haven’t known her for long, but in the short time I have, she has caught my heart in so many ways, and this is a pretty good show of why. For someone like me who has so so much trouble combining patterns, this is a master class. Each and every paper is gorgeous and together all the colors make a beautiful impact on the eye, plus the shadows perfection that works all around the page, the gorgeous cluster with some little elegant details, the amazingly cute photo and her beautiful text that adds to this page the emotional call to my heart on making me think I pray for me to get to see my own grandchildren and be able to scrap pages like this… and that cute addition of the rainbow to seal the perfection of the whole page… (and to think I thought I could be short on the text on this post…how do I not praise something like the awesome work of these amazing ladies?

Now here is another super amazing, incredibly wonderful page, Soccer by Mother Bear. I am quiet certain I don’t need to explain that much why I find this a complete stand out. It pops out among the thumbnails from the gallery a mile away and I am delighted as I haven’t come across a page from Julie in quiet a while…and this especially is something I would print and frame for the walls. Absolute perfection with the blending, the photo could have been just a good (or even great) one but she has turned it into a work of art with the Out of Bounds and a perfect extraction, not only that but the framing splitting the photo within the background of itself….? Genius. As if this genius wasn’t enough, there is the balance with the side borders, and that continuation with the right side amazing cluster connected to the photo and making it part of it with the ball element….Once again: genius.

Speaking about pages that pop to the eye from a mile away…here is another, OLW 2017 by LeeAndra, another one of my favorite ladies. I love photo-less pages, and hers, like this here, have such an impact that make me think about my own thinking process. I didn’t even know the word (I have never studied English in my life- my teaching was through music/song lyrics and then a British husband!) but now I do, I think I will be adopting it too. The circles themed background I think goes pretty well with the idea of movement, action, the stitches around the page border kind of “solidify” (if that is a word?) the whole concept. Love the alpha she chose and the text made in paper strips  gives even more dynamics to the composition. LoVE This!

This next page, I am so so  very excited to be able to highlight, because generally she is in our 7 days list when I post, or I don’t come across her pages that often, but she is so, so amazingly gifted, every page of hers in like a painting, worth of being shown in some awesome art exhibition. I haven’t mastered the art of brushes much but some of what I learn I have done by looking at her pages, each and every time a composition of beauty and awesome technique, and here is another show of awesomeness of hers. Winter 2017 by Marleen. The masterful manipulation of a drawing, the gorgeous gray smokey background paint and the impressive framing with impeccable shadows that work to perfection, those little arrows, and then the even more dimension added with those also perfectly shadowed stitches… Awesomeness in the highest of levels!

Now, I left this for last because I am here breaking one of my own rules, but the page, I am sure you will agree with me, it is so, so very worth breaking my own imposed rules, even if this is the 7 days list that I so much fought to be introduced and respected for our posting. I see her name in our 7 days list, just a few days ago, so I went to check that this wasn’t the page she was featured with (even though this was only posted yesterday) and as it wasn’t, I HAVE to share with you, so here you go: What’s Going on in my Head by *gina* , a page I could not pass and I may even try lift at some point. The Steam Punk thing is something I only got to hear about when I was already a few years scrapbooking, and then I fell in love with the concept, the possibilities it brings for scrapping, the art journal world of mine grew and got a shiny dimension…and this is so, so VERY amazing!!!!!!!! Every piece in sync with the other, the strong male stare takes me (for some reason) to the Theodore Sturgeon world, the black background works so perfect and  the blend incorporates the image so beautifully, that the metal pieces pass to be part of the whole thing….not sure I am expressing this the way it goes in my head (no pun intended!)  but I am sure the image overall speaks for itself. Awesome!

This is all from me today. I really hope you enjoy and get inspired, remember you can click on the name of the page and author to get to their galleries to leave a bit of love, even if it is a word or two, it always can make a huge difference in our world!!!! Have a great weekend! Thanks for sharing all your beauty with us!!!!









11 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – April 21st

  1. Cynthia you make me so very happy, thanks so much again for chosen my page and your very kind words!!!

    Wishing you a great weekend!


  2. What a great choice – congrats to you all!
    Cynthia – I’m speechless and I feel very honored
    – about choosing my page
    – about breaking the rules
    – about all your fantanstic kind words


  3. Cynthia, once again you have brightened my day. Thank you so much for picking my page! All of these pages are fantastic.

  4. You doll you, thanks so much for selecting my page and thanks for all your kind words…you know how these highlight my life. You really have such a nice variety of layouts today.

    I hope you get a nice nap today.

    1. you know every word is heartfelt, you & Ellen enever, ever fail to fill my heart with joy…. I could go on and on about how not only as scrappers but also as team mates and friends you two are so important to me, but doubt they want to hear about my emotional outpours LOL YOu are awesome, Carol, in every way possible!!!!!!

  5. Cynthia, this was just the pick me up I needed today! Thank you for your kind words and praise!! XOXO

    1. SO glad Jill!!!! I made a note when I saw you posting in the forum (pre release) is a work of art ! love your pages always!!!!!! <3

  6. THANK YOU!!….for your kind words and choosing my page, Cynthia!
    All these layouts are simply amazing and so worthy of being chosen.

    1. ohhhhh my dear dear girl!!!!!!! miss seeing you more often, I had not come acropss in the past few month and I was taken by this page like a magnet….you are excellent in every page, and this one is a super special; one, so much talent!!!! LOVE you!!!!!!

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