Hi everyone! Jeanine here on the night half Holland celebrates Kingsnight in the bars and pubs and even in the cold outside. Tomorrow king Willem Alexander celebrates his 50th birthday and the streets of the villages and cities will be filled with people who want to make a little money with their garage sales, it’s a tradition to have garage sails on Kingsday. Others stroll through the stalls and stands to find something they maybe weren’t even looking for to find a bargain or two. I found something too! I found six gorgeous pages to hopefully inspire you and be a delight for your eyes!

Monthly Muse by AmandaJ This is so awsome and creative! A sweet tribute to a mom! And it looks so real also! Like you could pick one of the branches and put it somewhere else. This is a wonderful tribute to Amanda’s mom!

Robolivers Granny Mae Another touching tribute to a wonderful and sweet woman, Granny Mae! I love the use of colors and bold paintstrokes here. Everything on this page in my opinion is carefully chosen and placed to honor this granny. Love it how all the elements and words surround and embrace her.

Your Classic Photobook vol13 by Skripka  Wow, these pictures are stunning!! And the colorcombination is too! The turqoise, pink and orange work so well together and it makes me want to join the party! Must be great fun with that clown too! Love the clean approach here, it needs nothing more to dress it up!

Tatiana by Maxi B As far as I’m concerned this could be a Renaissance painting from an old master! Beautiful blended with the leaves on the back of the girl. Love the dreamyness and her look downwards. Is she expecting someone? I can look for ages at this one, making up a story in my mind.

Kellygirl made this beautiful AJ page Keeping a Diary! I love everything about this page, the bold colors, the funny pink ‘glasses’, the scribbles, the quote, the stamps, the messy black frame and the big wasp on her head. This kind of pages inspire me to make pages out of my comfort zone!

Butterfly by Madi Another wow! The frames are used so clever, following the shape of the wings of the butterfly. Love how Madi brightened the center of the butterfly and softened the tips of the wings. Very creative and very beautiful!! And I love that quote, it gives hope, something we all need sometimes.

These were my choices. I hope you like them and hopefully inspire you too! Wishing you a wonderfull end of the day and see you next time!

5 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – April 26th

  1. Gorgeous pages … lovely art journal types, brilliant colored child’s page, and that Renaissance painting as you said. All inspiring me to dive back into my supplies and photos and play again. Thank you to GSO and the artists for the inspiration!

    1. Yes! That’s the idea and one of the purposes of the GSO blog! I am so glad you are going to play again and we could be a part of it by inspiring you! Happy scrapping Patty Anne! 😀

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