Hello! Its Deborah and it is a gloomy Friday here in Minnesota, but I found some glorious color in the galleries. Here are my picks for today:

Good Vibes by Kayleigh

Talk about color – Could you find a more vibrant layout than this one? It screams, “Spring!”. The circle anchors the page perfectly, and she has done a super job of embellishing and layering. She is a master at shadowing, too.

En Randonnee by Dady

This layout makes me happy. The photo is quietly beautiful, and the sketching outside of the frame compliments its quietness. Her embellishing is simple but very sweet, especially the boots on the bottom of the page. Love the mood of this darling page.

Weekend Vibes by kaphelps

Love the simplicity of this layout. The title work, framing and overlay all work together to draw your eye to the action. The blue paint is the perfect finishing touch, and gives the page a feeling of serenity. Great work!

Champ de Colza by Cocodou

The background photo is amazing and looks like it goes on forever. Her yellow brushwork emphasizes the seemingly never-ending fields of flowers. I have never heard of Champ de Colza but after looking at this stunning page, I want to visit. Even on a rainy day, it is gorgeous! The contrast between the bright flowers and the dark clouds is striking. Beautifully done!

Flirty Girl by Weaselwatchr

Doesn’t it look like  little flirty girl is going to reach out and swat the flowers? The photo is so sharp and clear, and the flower clusters are realistic, too. Everything is perfectly placed to create a little piece of magic for the kitty and us!


Adventure, The Great Outdoors by Ga_L

This page has so many awesome details. I love the circle framing the part of the photo that spills out of the conventional frame, the cute tree brush work, the camera grounding her title, and the pops of red that bring so much energy to her fabulous layout. Love this adventure!


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  1. You are very welcome. You are two of my favorite artists and it was a pleasure to showcase your work.

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