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With NSD just a week away, I have been buried in design work, so it was especially nice to take a break and stroll through a few galleries to find these beauties to share with you.

Beatricemi – The Story

I like the simple composition of this layout and the neutral palette with those wonderful pops of blue really stood out in the gallery.  But my favorite part is the crop on the photos that capture that beautiful, expressive little face and the hands hiding it.  I also like the way Beatricemi has broken up the journaling and curved it around the photos.  For me it is the finishing touch that ties everything together perfectly.

Pixie – Reading

As an amateur genealogist who actually came to digi scrapping through that hobby, I love heritage layouts, especially this one.  I think the photo is priceless and love how it ties in with the reading quote.  Reading was the door to so many of our ancestors dreams and to see that idea scrapped so simply, yet completely, is very inspiring to me.  I really appreciate the soft palette too, especially that beautiful green viney, leaf paper on the bottom half that makes me think of (family) roots.

Kythe – Great Grandmother

Here is another wonderful heritage page that caught my eye.  I love the photo effect and the brushwork — it makes it seem like the picture came straight from an old sketch pad.  The addition of the fountain pen and tag further enhance that imagery, as do the old books behind the photo.  The brushwork in the background also adds to the old time charm and does the vintage lace.  The cluster is well done and helps ground the rest of the layout while adding a few pops of color to the neutral palette.

anny-libelle – Growing with Love

Great brushwork and that gorgeous photo are what drew me to this layout.  I love the blending on this page — not just on the background, with its wonderful paint splatters and long running drops, but also in the mixing of mediums and elements, particularly the real looking flowers and doodled greenery.  It’s such a fresh, fun combination.  I also love the journaling quotes and how they tie in to the written title advising the viewer to decorate their own soul and watch something wonderful grow.  A lovely page and message.

Mother Bear – Summer 2016

I am a huge fan of clustering done well and Mother Bear does it extremely well.  Her side clusters are so full and fabulous, taking in all the individual pieces is almost impossible on the first pass.  Fortunately going back for a second or third look is well worth the journey.  Not to be outdone by her amazing clusters is that gorgeous photo.  The effect she used on it makes it feel incredibly serene while creating a beautiful, yet neutral, backdrop for all the clustered goodies.  The addition of stitches and paint to create a frame is a nice finishing touch.

ScrappinRae – Perfection

My final choice, Perfection by ScrappinRae, jumped out from the gallery and yelled pick me and I wasn’t about to refuse.  I love the blend and crop on the photo that brings that little cutie into full focus.  The mix of blue and orange is soft, yet striking and fun!  Both clusters are well done, especially the shadowing, and the mix of water colors, paint splatters and doodles are fun additions to the perfect boy page.

That’s it for me.  I hope enjoyed the pages I shared as much as I enjoyed the design break.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these designers and memorykeepers.  Thanks!  🙂





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  1. Oh wow! Thank you for choosing my LO. It’s humbling to be seen here with so many wonderful pages.

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